LFF deducts three points for the Valmiera team; Riga granted technical loss / day

It has already been reported that in November, LFF DK considered applications from former Valmiera club players Vitalija Jagodinska, Andrius Kozhuhar and Mikola Musolitin for non-compliance with the LFF Player Status and Transition Committee (SSPK) decision of September 7 and the LFF Appeals Committee (UK) of 16 October

LFF DK, after taking note of the players ‘applications and the written explanation of the club, and after hearing the players’ representative and the “Valmiera” club representative, found that the Vidzeme team had not complied with the LFF SSPK- decision on the payment of salaries to Kožuhar.

LFF DK obliged Valmiera to pay Kožuhar a salary within two weeks, but a statement released on Friday shows that the club has not done so.

For this reason, the residents of Valmiera lose three points at the Optibet Super League tournament table, but this does not prevent them from keeping the bronze they won. The team must also comply with the decisions of LFF DK and LFF SSPK by December 16, which must be confirmed by submitting the necessary documents to the Disciplinary Commission.

If “Valmiera” does not meet the relevant requirements, LFF DK will decide on the application of additional sanctions on the basis of Article 1.6 of the Disciplinary Regulations.

In November, LFF DK fined the club EUR 400 for non-compliance with the original decisions.

“Valmiera” won 47 points in the Super League championship this season and finished in third place. Previously, the team had not won any awards in the Latvian Championship.

Meanwhile, “Riga” was awarded a technical loss with “0: 3” for not participating in the final round against “Ventspils”. The club will also have to say goodbye with 700 euros.

In the “Riga” team, Covid-19 had previously been diagnosed with 29 players, so there were problems with the line-up before the final round of the match. For this reason, the residents of Riga decided not to participate in the competition.

“Riga” was crowned Latvian champion for the third year in a row and will be eligible to participate in the UEFA Champions League qualifying tournament next year.

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