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Linda Murniece and Andris Kivičs exchange insults

The announcements of the musician and poet Andris Kivičs in social networks and the press in recent weeks have caused widespread confusion, and this week he signed with Lind Moore, who publicly condemned his recent statements in the latest issue of the magazine "Private Life." ".

Kivičs had sharply criticized the beloved of his beloved Liene Skulme, married to actor Andris Ball.

& # 39; I do not know what the Bull has been doing for three years, but I let Liene learn everything from scratch. The bull gave her the order to lead a double life – she was at home with her, but pretended she did not know. With his family, humiliated by those years himself, the audience applauded him – how nice he is! "Kivičs expressed his position in the interview.

Hostess Linda Moore on Twitter network this week expressed her thoughts about Kivič. "So do not deprive others, unhappy and miserable," Linda said.

Kivičs did not remain in debt. "What is your part of an old intrigue?" beat to answer musician.

Several kittens, Kiviuks, have indicted the insult to Linda. Meanwhile, the entrepreneur chased this note – "how sweet".

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