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Monday – "Little Big" concert by "Skibidi" – Music news – Music – Culture +

About an hour and a half program without a well-known super hit "Skibidi", the Quartet promises to fulfill a number of other slots – "Every day I drink", "Big Dick", "Lollybomb", "Faredenza", "Give Me Your Money" , "Dead Unicorn, AK-47, Punks Not Dead, etc.

A career in 2013 starting with a single video composition "Everyday I & # 39; m Drinking", this Russian band has become an international phenomenon. Such a success is primarily due to the hypertrophic shocking video that YouTube has been viewed hundreds of millions of times. With the help of various stereotypes about Russia, the world and society as a whole, a series of hyperbolized "Little Big" clips have been created, which, just like viruses, have been placed on social networks.

The leader of the group, Ilya Prushkin, emphasizes:

"We have not invested kopecks in our advertisements, but we have become known in Europe and Russia. We have just made songs and made videos for them. Everything!"

Admittedly, the artistic value of the "Little Big" video rolls is also recognized by professionals, for example the Big Dick composition has won the special prize for the Berlin Music Video Festival.

Last October, Little Big released her third studio album, part 2, entitled "Antipositive, Pt.2", which was immediately ranked Apple Music Russian top 3rd place. This is due to the sensational success of the resulting songs Skibidi video for whom Youtube The site currently has 220 million views. The dance in this video is very popular with Russian bloggers, rapists, TV personalities and in a way that is similar to the South Korean artist's obsession PSY mega hits "Gangnam Style".

The number of "Little Big" concerts and their presence has grown rapidly in recent years. The current "Skibidi Live Tour" tour covers both sides of the Atlantic, with concerts in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, London, Berlin, Rome, Amsterdam, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Oslo, Prague, Budapest, Warsaw , Helsinki and also Riga.

Little Big has been able to perform at major European music festivals during his career.

Tickets for the "Biļešu serviss" network on www.bilesuserviss.lv and before the concert in the "Palladium" box.

Read a TVNET interview with a group leader (Russian.) Here he reveals as a group was recently robbed in London.

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