Mūrniece-Freiberga delights people with an unusual solution for wearing masks at a hairdresser’s

Entrepreneur Linda Mūrniece – Freiberga has demonstrated on the social network Facebook how her hairdresser deals with the need to wear a mask while hairdressing.

The bricklayer has published a photo of a face mask in a hairdresser. As can be seen in the frame, so that the cords of the mask do not interfere with the work of the hairdresser, the mask is glued to the woman’s face with masking tape.

‘Yes. It’s a whiskey that the mask is glued to. So that you can have hair … and what is your hairdresser thinking about? ‘ writes Mason.

Meanwhile, in the comments section, people are expressing genuine enthusiasm for the creative solution.

“Really perfect couple. Yesterday I was just thinking about how to transform a face mask so that it doesn’t get constantly tangled up with the headphone cord,” I wrote in one of the comments.

“Well … you will not deny our people creativity …” concludes the author of the comment.

It has already been reported that one of Latvia’s most famous influencers, Maija Armaneva, when publishing a photo of the hairdresser in Instagram stories, made her followers ask the question: why is Maija in the hairdresser without a facial mask? However, it’s not clear if Maija really didn’t wear a mask during the whole procedure or removed it for a while to take a picture.

It should be noted that in order to limit Covid-19, the government has decided to impose an obligation to wear face masks indoors except at home, so they will also have to be worn by work teams. According to the Minister of Health Ilze Ņķele (AP), it was understandable that a face mask should not be worn at work by an employee who is alone in the office and only while there alone. Kariņš said that canteens will only be able to serve take-away meals in the future.

Operators or building owners will have to ensure that a person who does not improperly use or use his or her mouth and nose guard without covering his or her nose and mouth is not allowed indoors and that no services are provided to such persons. granted.

From now on, everyone will have to wear a face mask in public transport and outdoors with more than one person. Face masks should not be worn by children under the age of seven and people who cannot use them due to obvious functional limitations.

It was previously stipulated that face masks should not be worn by children under the age of 13, but this age has now been lowered. Children between the ages of seven and thirteen must start using mouth and nose pads on public transport from December 7.

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