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OlyBet Latvia – Estonian League Star Game: Watching and Estonating against Finns; the vote begins

On 16 February, the annual basketball star competition will take place at the University of Tartu at the University of Tartu, and this time a new format will be available for the event: the Olybuet Latvian Estonian basketball competition team faces the Finnish basketball league (Korisliiga) unit.

Basketball fans from both countries of the Olybet Latvia-Estonia basketball team can complete the delfi.lv and delfi.ee portals. The star team will be led by one of the coaches of the Latvian and Estonian clubs, who will take 1st place in the OlyBet Latvian-Estonian ranking (the Finnish team will be coached by two of the best teams of Korisliga team coach).

In the first voting round, which lasts until December 21st, supporters will have the opportunity to rank their favorite at wait, attack and middle positions, identifying the top 10 in each position.

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In the second round, from December 24 to January 13, the basic games will be determined, which will be released on the 16th of February in the Star game. The other seven basketball players will be placed on January 25 by team coaches.

"We are happy that the Star Game will take place in Tartu, the city, which comes from dozens of Estonian basketball legends, and after the Stellar Games last year, when we played against the Latvians, a national combined championship was formed. This year's stars will compete against the Finnish league team and we believe it will increase the interest in basketball across the region. "We are pleased that the Estonian, Latvian and Finnish basketball federations, like all former and new partners, are very positive are about the idea of ​​organizing the fun of all basketball friends, "says Urmo Sonvald, editor-in-chief of event organizer Delfi and Eesti Päevaleht.Urmo Soonvald).

According to Edgars Bērziņš, member of the board of directors of the OlyBet Latvia – Estonia League, last year's Star Game was a great event – a great atmosphere, an exciting battle at the last minute. The new format when the unified forces of Latvia and Estonia take on the Finns will be even more exciting, because it will be interesting to evaluate the "chemistry" between Latvian and Estonian players who do not play together on a daily basis. Berzins is also convinced that the new Tartu gym is a great place to celebrate the first season of the community competition.

Tom Westerholms, head of the Finnish championship, is also looking forward to the competition: "This is the first time in Finnish sports history when the Star match is played against another division team and we look forward to working with enthusiasm with Friends from Estonia and Latvia, this is a great opportunity for fans to see the best players in Finland, Estonia and Latvia at the same time. "

The performance of stergames in Tartu support Estiko Grupp, which celebrates its 100th anniversary this year. Chairman of the Board of Directors of Estiko Neinars Seli claims that he has always supported the basketball of Tartu. The Kalev / Estiko team in Tartu is currently in the super competition. "Basketball is in the hearts of the people of Tartu, Estiko is always ready to support activities that refresh Tartu's life, especially in the field of sports, and the 2019 star game is certainly one of the biggest events in Tartu next year. This proves that basketball is still in place in the city, "says Seli.

Tartu Mayor Urmas Klase: "Tartu is delighted to receive the Star Game, Tartu has always been a basketball city, and the Star Game will certainly help to strengthen this confidence." The renovated University Sports Hall is a good place to play this game. host Welcome to Tartu! "

Tickets for the big basketball evening, which starts at 17:00 on 16 February, are available at the ticket outlets of Piletilevi.

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