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On May 4, the oratorio of Šmitide «Fire Run» / Article / LSM.LV

The real gem of the 4th May concert of the Riga orchestra is the oratorio of the composer Vilnis Šmīdberga for the mixed choir and orchestra "Fire Run". The concert in the Great Guild is dedicated to composer Schmidberg on the 75th birthday.

The scoreboard was accompanied by an outburst of oblivion – in 1988, with the text of the poet Jānis Peters, there is a huge emotional tension from a part of a country that has history. "It is a heavy artillery if it is fair to say. If the first half hour has not been used up, then it will be good," says Schmidberg.

The composer has arranged a new orchestra "Riga" for the composition of his oratory "Fire Run" in 1988. The mixed choir "Sola" and "Juventus" will participate in the performance.

"This gravity does not exist in volume or silence or dynamics. Music is rhythmic, with a single sound," says Schmidberg.

Writing Oratorio coincided with our important public events. In the poem "Fire Run" John Peters talks about a specific place and event – how in Latgale the Germans burned the village of Ancupane and people were killed. The composer then asked to generalize the theme of the poets.

"The lyrics of Latvian folk songs, which I have chosen myself and which I have placed in the poetry of Peter, are simply brilliant. There are texts that ensure that people only read the text at the top of their experience," says the composer. .

"Wave is one of those who really has that fire inside. The name of the concert and the name of the oratory that we are going to play again is really fiery," says Valdis Butans, artistic director and conductor of the Riga orchestra.

Schmidberg & # 39; s works bear witness to experiments in music and form – he is a musician of the first Latvian rock band "Cathedral".

"You can feel a & # 39; s subversive, adventurous spirit.

In particular, this is expressed in a concert of the saxophone, where the phases and elements of this music, the elements of the blues, the elements of the rock are identified. That is very interesting. I think he has earned the author's concert for a long time, which we will be offering to the public this year, "says the conductor of the Riga orchestra.

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