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Paul Timrot Teslu tests on Latvian roads – Motor sports – Car

Jānis Zaržecki catches the latest technology, including the leading innovation weight. Paula Timrot & # 39; s experience in the Speed ​​Cilt program, with an electric car from Riga to Liepaja, however, has caused skepticism about the usefulness of such cars. Everything changed on the day that Zarzeckis himself first entered Tesla. He will discover what's so special about this car, because it's in maintenance and where "Teslu" is more profitable – in Latvia or the US.

Not only to tell, but also to show why "Tesla" is the best car choice, John Paul calls at the wheel of the legendary machine. Whether the smart car is really as big as it says, and whether "Tesla" will be able to capture Paul & # 39; s heart, let's figure it out in the latest Speed ​​Tribe series.

In this Speed ​​Tribe season, Paul Timrots is looking for interesting, crazy and enthusiastic conversations that will tell you about their adventures. In 2019 the program became even more mobile, because it often left the traditional studio and went to a location or event.

Speed ​​Tribe every Wednesday at 7 p.m. is also available at LMT Viedtelevision, LMT Straume app and on the internet. Viewers are invited to participate in Twitter conversations with the # Speed ​​Speed ​​Tour.

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