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Personal assistants and intelligent sensor systems – what you can meet in modern cars – Auto World – Auto

The Bavarian BMW Group, which produces around 10,000 different cars every day, is constantly looking for new solutions for digitization and technology, and adapts them to both daily production processes and new car models.

"Hey, BMW! We're going home!" – a personal assistant with elements of artificial intelligence

With such simple sentences, you can contact the personal assistant of the new BMW 3-Series, who will offer the desired route after a call home. The intelligent system controls the climate in the cabin, communicates via telephone and entertainment functions, so that it can also answer the question of whether fuel is sufficient. In addition, after a certain "friendship" time, it will recognize the driver's habits and respond to voice commands by adjusting the capabilities of the vehicle. For example, if the driver says he is tired, the car will automatically lower the temperature in the cabin and start optimistic music. A personal assistant can be contacted in English and can be renamed.

The car can be opened with a smartphone

BMW also offers a digital key in the new sedan that is compatible with Samsung smartphones and that uses NFC technology. The same as for contactless payments. This makes it possible to turn off and lock the car on the smartphone, but place it on the wireless charging path – start the engine. And under the bumper there are sensors with which one leg movement can open the luggage compartment. This is a very practical solution when both hands are occupied.

The sensor network and ConnectedDrive help you feel safer on the road

BMW has also made great progress in equipping the car with semi-automatic technology that ensures that the machine retains its position on the road without driver involvement, including side protection and tire tracking assistant. The safety set also includes adaptive cruise control, rear sensors, crash warnings and self-contained emergency braking system for pedestrians or cyclists. It is a series of functions that warn drivers of potentially dangerous situations by braking.

Navigation is an important part of the ConenctedDrive network, since the in-car SIM card allows the vehicle to send GPS signal data and immediately recover traffic information based on the same data from the smartphones side by side. In this way, BMW integrates all new cars in the Internet of Things (IoT).

Productivity is improved by & # 39; smart & # 39; devices in the factory

Different technological solutions help to improve your daily work processes. At BMW's main production facility in Bavaria, staff tested smart watches for their ability to improve work efficiency. The results were more than convincing: the use of such augmented reality increased productivity by 20% and reduced the error margin in the scanning and packaging process by 33%. The use of digitally labeled containers in turn not only improves logistics processes, but also helps to develop mobile applications at the same time. For example, a glove with a scanner and a display on it can accurately read the electronic label and identify the exact contents of the load.

Modern production is impossible without smart robots

But to modernize the car's own production process, the BMW Group also uses various intelligent transport robots in its German factory, such as parts for transport. In turn, specially designed software makes autonomous industrial trucks that carry loads.

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