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PHOTO: The owners of "Čili Pizza" in Liepaja are opening a new night club

& # 34; Tiamo Group & # 34; invests half a million euros and opens a new night club & # 34; Cukurfabrik & & # 34;

Tiamo Group invests half a million euros and opens a new night club in Cukurfabrik

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In May a new "Cukurfabrik" nightclub was opened in the center of Liepaja, on the site of the former rocking house, and representatives of Tiamo Group opened the "LA.lv" portal.

It is located in a building with the "Čili Pizza" and "Hesburger" dining options and in June it is planned to open a barbecue on the club terrace.

Tiamo Group, one of the leading hospitality and hospitality companies in Latvia, has invested 500,000 euros and created more than 40 new jobs.

With a second floor and a terrace, the club area is 400 m². Cukurfabrik can accommodate up to 300 guests, while more than 100 people can sit comfortably at the tables.

Tiamo representatives emphasize that offering catering services in the buildings of the former rock café is a strategic decision.

"The building has long been one of the most important resorts in the city. We wanted to keep the city center alive so that guests of Liepaja and Liepaja can not only entertain themselves but also eat at friendly prices," says Monta Magone, Tiamo board member Group.

New nightclub Cukurfabrik is opened in Liepaja

Cukurfabrik in Liepaja is already the second place with such a & # 39; n name. The beach bar Cukurfabrik, which has been in use for several years, is only available to visitors in the summer.

"Our intention was to extend the warm season and to open the second Cukurfabrik, which would be a night club in the city center and also work in the winter. Together with the decision to create a new place to go out, there was an opportunity for so many beautiful rooms, the first rock cafés, "says Magone.

"Continuing the traditions of the legendary resting place, let's focus on music and the atmosphere. We intend to create a real sense of resort and vacation."

Nightclub Cukurfabrik "is open on 18/20 Stendera Street, Liepaja, on Thursdays from 16:00. From 21:00 to 04:00 and on Friday and Saturday from 21:00 to 06:00

The club also offers space for informal events. Admission free and only from 21 years.

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Cukurfabrik is part of the Tiamo Group. "Tiamo" is one of the leading catering companies in Latvia with more than 20 restaurants and 500 employees.

The group, which has been in operation for more than 15 years, includes restaurants MO, Baron, Olive, Cello and Sushi Boom, Lotte caffe, Theatrical Cafe, Club and Beach Bar Cukurfabrik & # 39; & # 39; In Liepaja, as well as & # 39; Čili Pizza & # 39; pizzeria & # 39; s in different Latvian cities.


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