Slid to the pedestal / day

Medal as a road map on the wound. Oskars Ķibermanis with pusher Matīss Mikni showed the second best result in the sum of two races in the 3rd stage of the World Cup (PK) in Sigulda. Olympic champion Oskars Melbārdis started for the first time this season. His crew was 7th on Saturday and 4th on Sunday. The bobsleigh players already went to the European Cup (European Championship) match on the German track in Winterberg on Sunday evening. PK next stage race on December 12 at the circuit of Egles in Austria.

Before last weekend’s game, the head coach of the Latvian bobsleigh team Sandis Prūsis had a worried face. The Kiberman’s sled was disassembled down to the last screw, but no reason was found as to why a week ago Latvia’s lead crew took 6th and 8th places. “This is when I really don’t have an answer,” Prussia was amazed. The coach decided to transfer the little Oscar to the new BTC sleds made this summer, kicking off Ralfs Bērziņš’s first weekend. The changes were clear.

On Saturday, Ķibermanis / Miknis achieved the best result in the first race, 0.02 seconds ahead of the German winner of the 1st stage of the World Championship Francesco Friedrich. In the second race the battle for victory went straight to the finish, but at the end of the two races the Germans were 0.10 seconds faster. The Swiss crew in third place, piloted by Simon Friedley, was overtaken by Kiberman by 0.32 seconds. After the pleasant change, it could be concluded that the main fault was in the bobsleigh sledge, although Prussia recommended looking wider after the game. “However, I think that everything in the complex should be evaluated. In the first week, the ride was not so good for little Oscar, we also changed the skates.” On Sunday Ķibermanis started with pusher Dāvis Spriņģis and the hope of a high place was already “buried” before turning the first corner. In the start phase of the first trip, where the groove drawn in the ice ends, the sledge slid over it, and already at the first tick it was +0.20 seconds. During the trip, little Oscar lost 0.6 seconds to Friedrich, who could not be recovered. The battle for the trio was also over.

The Grand Oscar returned to the race with a perfect ride. All four trips on both days were without apparent errors, but the podium was not reached by sliding off the sled. When Melbārds is in better physical shape, he returns to the podium.

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