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Strawberries in Latvia are already available on the Central Market; cannot be used for every taxi

He said that early Latvian strawberries appeared on the Central Market about a week ago and now they cost 15 euros per kilogram.

According to him, Polish and Greek strawberries are available in the Central Market, with prices ranging from the price above the euro to three euros per kilogram.

The largest representative of the rose grower "Ar B Agro" in the Baltic states discovered that the first strawberry "Ar B Agro" can be purchased on the farm in Rozulejs from Seme parish for about a week. Strawberry prices vary depending on the amount of strawberries purchased by the customer – regardless of whether they are purchased by wholesalers, supermarkets or people for their own consumption. This week "By B Agro" land is available for own consumption for 12 euros per kilogram. You cannot tell what the price will be next week.

The "Facebook" release released a week ago by "B Agro" shows that the price of the first strawberry was 15 euros per kilogram. The strawberry farm is grown in a greenhouse on an area of ​​800 square meters.

According to information provided by the Latvian Fruit Growers Association (LAA), Latvian strawberry growers are hoping for a better harvest this year than last year.

"The largest strawberry growers say that strawberries did not flower as well last year and the gardens did not look as good as this year. It looks like this year's strawberry harvest will be good," said LAA representative Renate Kayak this week. .

According to her, the first strawberry harvest so far has been collected by Latvian growers who grow strawberries in tunnel paths. In contrast, the open strawberries still only flower and come around the Johns as usual in other years.

"Riga Central Market" was established on November 2, 1930, but has been active since 1995 as a public limited company of the municipality of Riga.

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