Sunday Horoscope: November 22 – – Horoscopes – Leisure

AUNS Currently, the astrological state, specifically – the Moon in Pisces, will promote the desire to be alone, to give in to the flight of fantasy. What you should definitely not do is make purchases, plan financial transactions.

BEEF Communication with the younger generation will improve. Perhaps you focus together on the derivatives of school subjects that are not fully understood, discuss the painful issues of the moment.

TWINS You will be gentle and sensitive to the housewives, therefore you will adopt an equally pleasant, positive attitude. In the second half of the day, unexpected guests or news from acquaintances living abroad are not excluded.

CANCER You will be able to disconnect from anything that disturbs you, from anything that makes you restless. A good time for spiritual enrichment, to explain relationship problems. Practical, economic matters are postponed to another day.

LION Alks all around attention, compliment. This will be especially vivid for Lions, whose profession affects stage life. Social network platforms can enable self-expression.

JAUNAVA The nervous system may be more prone to anxiety, so try to avoid tense situations and resolve serious relationship issues. Spend time in carefree, creative activities.

IMPORTANT Lack of money can delay the realization of plans, but does not mean that it will stop halfway through. On the contrary, the obstacles created will encourage an even more active search for solutions and additional profit opportunities.

SCORPIONS The Moon in Pisces will promote a romantic, family atmosphere. Together with the other half you decide to take a walk by the sea or enjoy the magic of a backyard sauna. In the evening, think about next week’s work.

CARDBOARD Desires can turn out to be relatively vague and fleeting. It is recommended to focus on physical activities as they perfectly relieve stress, make you happier and prepare you for the next week’s work.

FOREST Until noon you want to spend more time with the other half, enjoy a romantic solitude. In the afternoon you feel like solving a number of good things, laying down plans for next week.

AQUARIUS Right now there may be a certain chaos in the mind, uncertainty. Don’t try to put everything on the shelves at all costs. This time it is better to give in to creative clutter, not worry about everyday details.

FISH You can find inspiration, allowing you to focus on artistic activities. In relationships with housewives you will be emotionally and easily offended. It’s important not to lose control, to be more careful with expressions.

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