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The results of the survey show that a total of 27% of Latvians will buy gifts online this year, 8% of which for the first time. In turn, 44% will shop online as well as in person, if the epidemiological situation is stable and it is safe to shop in person.

Based on a survey conducted in November, trends are similar in all three Baltic states. In Latvia, if 27% of respondents plan to buy gifts online this year, in Lithuania, most people will prefer to buy online – 29%, while Estonians plan to buy online a little less often to shop. 16% of Latvia’s northern neighbors have indicated that gifts will be delivered online this year.

Analysis of the data across the regions found that the most active shoppers who plan to shop online this year live in Riga (31%), followed by Kurzeme at 28% and Zemgale at 26%, indicating that respondents regularly and make online purchases at Christmas. this year. Meanwhile, 24% of respondents from Latgale have admitted that they will provide gifts on the Internet, compared to 21% in Vidzeme.

If the epidemiological situation is stable and personal shopping is safe, in Latvia 44% of the respondents plan to shop both online and in person, while in the neighboring countries of Lithuania and Estonia the trends differ slightly: 57% of Lithuanians and 50% of the Estonians will buy goods both ways.

Līga Bubko, Marketing and Communications Manager of “”, pointed out that analyzing the habits of buyers in different age groups, young people are still the most active buyers online. In turn, in the 60-74 age group, the highest percentage of respondents intending to shop in person only – 35% of respondents indicated that they do so.

On the other hand, looking at the most active segment of online shoppers, the survey data shows that traditional shoppers aged 18-29 shop online relatively more often. 39% of this age group will shop online, of which 16% will do so for the first time, given the consequences of the pandemic.

Meanwhile, 13% of young people will shop in person, which could be explained by the fact that for a younger group of the population, joint shopping is often part of socialization. Meanwhile, in the age group 30-39, offering gifts on the Internet is an annual tradition and will be done by 27% of respondents, which could be associated with the maximum time savings needed by combining work and family .

Norstat Latvija survey in the Baltic States. Shopping habits of residents during the Christmas period. The survey was conducted in November, respondents in the Baltic states – 3,000.

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