The 25th Literature Festival “Proza Readings” concludes with “Proza Breakfast” online / Article /

The traditional “Proza Breakfast” concludes today with the literary festival “Proza Readings”, which went online this year and celebrates its 25th anniversary. On the twelfth day, Inga Gaile, Viesturs Ķerus, Rudīte Kalpiņa, Arno Jundze and Andra Manfelde read their works at the breakfast table.

The 25th Literary Festival “Proza Readings” concludes with “Proza Breakfast” onlineMara Rosenberg

This is followed by an online conversation with the Ukrainian writer, author of the novel “Girl” Tamara Horih Zerni. But at 7 pm, the website “Proza Readings” will announce the end of the festival and the awards ceremony with readings by various authors. As the festival’s organizer, writer Inga Žolude, said earlier in the “Kultūras rondo” program, this year’s website also has an archive of the festival with evidence from the 25-year history of “Prose Readings”.

“How the festival has changed and grown! Initially it was just an event for five friends, but now it is a week-long, international festival. (..) We see this not only as a challenge, but also as a year of great opportunities, because all these events – both live events and audio readings in Latvian radio programs and the festival’s official account “Spotify” can be viewed and listened to all over the world, “said Žolude.

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