The collapse of an apartment complex in Russia has ruined the remains of several people

Magdogorsk of the ruined ruins of the apartment complex on Tuesday, January 1, marked the remains of two people, resulting in an increase in the number of deaths to nine.

It has already been reported that a ten-month-old alive child who had severe frostbite, head injuries and various fractures was in ruins on Tuesday. The Russian Ministry of Health described his condition as heavy.

The child was in the ruins for 35 hours and only survived because he was placed in a blanket in a baby cradle.

The air temperature in Magnitogorsk is about 20 degrees Celsius.

On Mondays, at 6.00 am local time (at 3 o'clock in Latvia in the Magnitogorsk), steep ceilings collapsed into a solid part of a ten-storey house.

So far, the remains of nine people have been found in ruins. Six people have been saved, but the location of more than 30 apartment residents is unknown. They are considered lost.

The explosions in the apartment complex were probably caused by a gas explosion.

Rescuers searched the ruins all night, but this morning the investigation was interrupted so that the builders could demolish or stabilize the buildings of the building, which also threatened to collapse.

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