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The Deglava bridge is open for traffic on Sundays

State police on Sunday May 19 at 5:00 am will restore car traffic in Riga to the August Deglava bridge, Oļegs Burovs (GKR), acting chairman of the Riga city council.

Only vehicles weighing up to 30 tonnes can drive across the bridge and set a speed limit of 30 kilometers per hour.

Such a decision was made today at a meeting with the State Police and the State Construction Control Agency, who felt that the necessary reinforcements for the bridge had been made, Burow said.

As reported, on the morning of April 25, after the order from the Interior Minister Sanda Girgen (KPV LV), Deglava Street was closed due to traffic, causing serious traffic jams in this part of Riga. The public and operational transport movement over the Deglava bridge was restored on 4 May.

BVKB entrusted to the Riga city council to perform the work of the transmission beams

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