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The new BMW X7 now also in Latvia (+ PHOTO)

The BMW X7 is special because it is the first model that at the same time embodies the luxurious model features, exclusivity, spaciousness and versatile driving skills expected from the SUV class, said Kristine Nesaule, BMW sales department of Inchcape Motors, Latvia, about the new car presentation. driver.

The BMW X7 was first introduced in 2014. It was officially presented in October 2018. Since March 2019, the BMW X7 has been on the world market and since 11 May it has also been available for test drives at the official BMW dealer in Latvia, Inchcape Motors. , Latvia.

Strong housing of expressive design

The majestic BMW X7 exudes a special authority, a grand and elegant impression, composed of fine body design lines. The interior of a luxury car is characterized by spaciousness combined with fine decorative elements, innovative functions and comfort.

The visual accent of the body consists of an elliptical grid that emphasizes the majestic appearance of the vehicle directly from the front. The BMW X7 also features a unique X-design laser headlight that illuminates the road up to 600 meters away.

The car has impressive 22-inch alloy wheels in two-tone style and high-quality tires of various sizes. An air collector is placed behind the front wheel arches, which visually emphasizes the length and appearance of the vehicle.

The rear of the luxury off-road car is accentuated by a horizontal chrome bar that connects the rear lights and complements the sporty design. This chrome stripe contrasts with the chosen body color and creates a harmonious overall impression.

Future indoor salon

Gearbox, volume control, iDrive controller and start button parts are made of fine crystal glass. The car has a capacity of a maximum of seven seats, consisting of a fully-fledged third row. The comfort of the rear passengers and the available functions are at stake. The seats in the second row have, for example, an automated backrest, movable seats and easy access to the third row.

A better atmosphere in the interior is created by the panoramic glass roof "Sky Lounge", which has more than 15,000 light elements for the cabin's background lighting. Standard lighting includes contour lighting that creates a cozy atmosphere. Six customizable light functions are also available, such as standby lighting.

Improved ConnectedDrive services and other innovative functions

The BMW X7 offers a range of innovative support functions that not only make driving easier, but also help you drive and control your car. Navigation in the car includes a high-quality display with a 12.3-inch control panel.

With BMW Gesture Control you can control incoming calls or adjust the sound with hand movements. Conversely, driving aids offer a variety of safety features, such as warning of a lane shift with an active side impact function.

The placement assistant facilitates parking maneuvers by offering 3D panoramic views. With digital

it is possible to start, unlock and lock your BMW, you can share this function on your smartphone with family and friends.

The new digital functions also include the Bowers & Wilkins Diamond Surround Sound System, which delivers excellent studio-level sound, touch-sensitive rear displays, temperature-controlled cup holders and automatic air-conditioning with five-zone control.

Technological skills on the road

The new BMW X7 comes with an x ​​Off-road package with four off-road modes. Special driving comfort and dynamics are offered by the suspension system of the Excutive Drive Pro. The sound of the engine, which can be amplified, is supplied by the M sport exhaust system.

The car is kept at a constant height, regardless of the load, thanks to the adaptive two-axle air suspension. Driving stability and driving comfort, on the other hand, are enhanced by active steering, which cuts the rear wheels forward at lower speeds (less than 60 km / h), which improves maneuverability.

The maximum speed that can be achieved with this most powerful M50d version of this luxury off-road car is 250 km / h, while the 100 km / h mark reaches 5.4 seconds.

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