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The PMB has forbidden the contract to buy a € 200 million NAF car – Society and Politics – News

Complaints about the outcome of the tender were submitted by two non-winning companies – the South African company Paramount International Marketing and the American AM General LLC.

The published decision of the IUB Submission Commission states that the AM is forbidden to conclude a general agreement with the winner of the negotiation procedure, as well as the decision of the contracting authority on the outcome of the negotiation procedure. Accordingly, AM is in charge of eliminating the irregularities detected by the application evaluation committee within three months by re-evaluating the submitted tenders.

A decision by the IUB can be appealed to the District Court within one month of the date of notification of the decision.

The prohibition of a contract with a Finnish company is justified by the fact that AM committed several infringements of the tendering procedure, including the incomplete presentation of its needs in the documentation of the negotiation procedure. AM also incorrectly changed certain points in the public procurement invitation, creating disadvantages for individual sellers.

It has already been reported that, in accordance with the procurement rules, the winner of the tender has taken into account the "operational performance of the vehicles, compliance with the technical requirements imposed by the armed forces, the financial offer and the proposed security of supply solutions".

Based on the above criteria, the Tender Committee and the NAF have tested the vehicles offered by the Finnish company "GTP 4×4" and three other vehicles offered by the company – the American company "AM General LLC" vehicles "Humwee", the South African company «Marauder South Africa» and the Turkish companies «. Otokar »vehicles« Cobra ». Testing has taken place both on public roads and off-road. Sources in the defense sector told LETA in the past that the results of vehicle testing offered by companies were different.

The information available on the internet shows that Sisu E13TP vehicles produced by the Finnish company in 2005 are used by the Finnish, Lithuanian and Estonian forces. However, the most popular model produced by Sisu Auto is the Patria Pasi armor, launched in 1983, used for example in the armed forces of Austria, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Ghana, Norway, Sweden and UN peacekeeping operations.

Up to now, it is not known what kind of GTP 4×4 modifications for Latvia can be purchased in the NAF.

Publicly available information shows that the rolling stock offered to the general public this year is only suitable for off-road situations and that the vehicle is capable of carrying up to 4.5 tonnes of heavy goods on site. The website of "GTP 4×4" indicates that the vehicle structure consists of several modules that make it possible to adapt it to different operations and to increase the number of passengers to 16 people.

The car is equipped with a six-cylinder four-stroke diesel engine and has a maximum speed of more than 100 kilometers per hour. With a full beacon the car can drive up to 700 kilometers. «Sisu GTP» this spring was shown in Latvia at the exhibition «Auto 2018».

Humwee's production by AM General began in 1979 and is currently used in dozens of countries around the world, including the US, Lithuania, Sudan, Uganda, Canada, Djibouti and Denmark.

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