The ‘Voice in the Mask’ show is over – the evil one himself wins

On the last Sunday of November, the winner of TV3’s fall music show “Voice in Mask” was finally announced.

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The show’s finalists – Lelle and Evil – climbed the stage twice: the first time they sang one of the songs they previously sang in one of the shows, but the second time they sang a song they loved .

In “Voice Mask”, the winner of the first season was determined by a telephone spectator. It became Evil, under whose mask the musician of the group “Singapore Satin” and the actor of the series “Big Fools” Kristaps Strūbergs hid. This was a great surprise to many. But many didn’t either …

When they discovered the bad, it turned out that Kristaps Strūbergs of SU $ HI TAKEØUT, a member of the supergroup “Singapore Satin”, was hiding under her. Kristaps is also a friend and member of the detective Krivenchy, who managed to “bypass” his colleague around the corner during the show, for which Krivenchy was in great shock.

Krivenchy fearfully explained, “I knew that voice, but I threw it out of my head because I wrote Kristap in a satin chat and he answered me! He answered me from the box? But Baiba Sipeniece rushed to comment on Krivenchy’s failure. : “How can you not recognize your group member, you goat! Are you ever clearly in that group? I’m sorry, but the word ‘loser’ does get here.”

Samantin Tina also joined Baiba, blaming Krivenchy, “You really are a really bad friend!” However, he said positively of Nelabo: “I’ve always loved bad guys – you got us out of your nose! You were great!”

The show 'Voice in a Mask' is over - the evil one himself wins
Photo: publicity photo

But, for example, Kristaps’ wife Mairita was finally able to discover on the social network “Twitter” after holding her tongue behind her teeth for several weeks: yes, the Evil One was her husband.

In second place was the doll, under whose mask, it turned out, the singer Aminata was hiding.

‘Aminata, you are such a piggy bank! At no point can it be said it was you, ”said Samanta excitedly. She also asked if the talented singer had mastered academic music, but Aminata denied it, saying she used to “sing in the shower”. Jānis Šipkēvics also commented on the superb performance of the pop: “You set a very high bar for this show, here are the fans of your talent in different formats! You showed yourself the best!”

The show 'Voice in a Mask' is over - the evil one himself wins
Photo: publicity photo

It should be remembered that the rules of the show “Voice in the Mask” required strict secrecy, ie sometimes even the relatives of the participants were unaware that someone was on the show. The mask and secret rehearsals were a daily routine for the entire show for weeks.

“Voice in Mask” is a TV3 show based on a model that has already been tested abroad, in which famous people hide under the masks and compete every week for the best performances. By making important revelations, they indirectly tell about the show’s jury, who must guess the celebrities. Whoever guessed or “woke up” leaves the show. Detectives in the local “Voice Mask” were Baiba Sipeniece-Gavare, rapper Krivenchy, singer Samanta Tīna and Jānis Šipkēvics senior; The show was attended by 12 public figures.

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