Tim wins Djokovic in three sets in the ATP final and meets Medvedev in the final

Austrian tennis player Dominik Timi defeated Novak Djokovic, the first racket of the league table, in three sets in the final tournament of the ATP season in London on Saturday and reached the final for the second year in a row against Danil Medvedev from Russia.

Timel’s third racket in the ATP ranking defeated Djokovic in the semifinals 7-5, 6-7 (10:12), 7-6 (7: 5).

Tim managed to win the first set thanks to a break in the 11th family, but in the second set the power ratios were so even that the winner had to be determined by means of a break.

Tim quickly reached 2: 0, but moments later Djokovic was in the lead with 4: 2. After that it was six times, although Tim had four chances to end the game with a victory.

The third set also required a break. At first it looked like Tim had already lost, as he was 0: 4, but then he lost only one point and reached the final of the ATP Final Tournament for the second year in a row in a tense battle.

“This game was very nervous,” Tim said this year’s US Open champion after the win. “I’m glad I got through, so I’ll do my best to win the final.”

Meanwhile, Djokovic did not hesitate to praise his competitor as it is incredible to play from 0: 4 in Taiwan.

“I don’t think I played a bad game. I served well, but he did [Tīms] all balls were able to hit one side or the other of the field, ”noted Djokovic. “I was close to success, but he took it away from me. Tim deserved it.”

Earlier, Tim and Djokovic also met in the final of the Australian Open this year. Djokovic then won.

Later in the game of the second semifinal, the fourth racket of the rank Medvedev defeated Spaniard Rafael Nadal 3-6, 7-6 (7: 4), 6-3, who also did not take the title of his first ATP this year -the final tournament.

In the third game of the first set, Nadal had a hard time defending his serve, but in the eighth game the Spaniard beat Medvedev and later won 6-3. In the second set, everything was decided in Taiwan, where Nadal quickly drove to the top with 1: 4 and was later unable to recover.

In the third set, both tennis players only gave up their opponents in the seventh game, but Medvedev reached 4-3 with the third attempt and shortly afterwards 5-3. Medvedev won the semifinals in the ninth game with the first match ball.

Last year, Medvedev lost in all three games of this tournament, but Nadal, who has 86 single player titles, qualified for the 16th year in a row for the ATP final tournament this year.

The Spaniard previously reached the final of the ATP final tournament six times, but has never been able to win.

The final between Tim and Medvedev is scheduled for Sunday.

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