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Relationship friendliness does not play a role in how people show their feelings. Maybe you can be the ideal partner for each other, but you may be disappointed about how your lover shows you (or does not show) your love for you. It should be remembered that not all two people have a relationship that they describe in romantic books and in films. People show different emotions, but there are those who do not know at all.

Here are 3 signs of the zodiac that you might say they do not like. Astrologers, however, say that it is not entirely true – they love them in their own way and can also give happiness to their partner.


Gemini can be a great romantic, they can say "I love you", but in reality they have no idea what these words mean. Their lack of love is reflected in their daily work, selfishness and attitude towards the partner. They often lie and are unfortunately one of those constellations that most often deceive their partners. The twins are also very dynamic, so they rarely want children, weddings and routines. If a partner is ready to do every day of the Gemini "adventures" and give him complete freedom, cohabitation with the representatives of this zodiac sign is possible, but that means that the partner must always work for two. Also remember that Gemini likes to take, not to give.


Scorpions are hard – unfortunately also in relationships with a loved one. It takes a long time before they get stuck. Even if Scorpio is already married to a loved one, it will take some time before his hardness "falls". The character for them is that they can only be understood by themselves and not always … Scorpions can feel and show true feelings, but this is only a probability that will probably never happen to a certain person. To live with this sign, the partner must have a lot of patience. The mood swings of the scorpion are endless and endless – even if you have children. In a word, these people are not a gift from God and normal, warm, sweet, reciprocal relationships with the representative of this zodiac are impossible.


Are you surprised to see this sign on this list? In fact, the Cancer does not like it – they find a person who best meets the category of beloved man & # 39 ;. Yes, crayfish is really romantic and interesting, but only at the beginning of the relationship. After a while, the more after the marriage, they will alienate from the partner, but just as much that common sense will not lose. You do not expect fierce feelings and emotions from them, but you do not expect too much boredom. The crayfish can really take care of the people close to them, but they do not really like their partner. Cancer may seem calm and good, but remember that since Cancer is a sign of water and the planet is responsible for the Moon, it must be said that not all things will be so good, smooth and predictable in cohabitation. There are times when Cancer can become absolutely unbearable, obscene, vindictive and its action is like a sudden storm. A partner who draws a card in a cohabitation with Cancer, must remember that crayfish hates spontaneous and unexpected things, everything has to happen after a planned schedule.

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