VIDEO⟩ The Latvian national team in Sarajevo loses their home team making it very difficult for them to find their way to the European Championship – Basketball

Latvia lost to Bosnia and Herzegovina by 73:79 (17:20, 11:20, 17:20, 28:19).

Rihards Lomažs was the most productive of the Latvian national team with 19 points, Aigars Šķēle added 16 more and Mārtiņš Meiers scored 15.

The start of the game was better for the Latvians, who scored 9: 2 with a three-point throw from Mārtiņš Laksas, two two-pointers from Mārtiņš Meiers and an Aigars Šķēle 9: 2.

Then a breakthrough of 7: 0 made way for the home team, which made the result equal. In the eighth minute, Edins Atičs scored 20:14 in his favor, but by the end of the quarter the Latvians reached 5:20, but right after the break, Rihards Lomažs took two of the three free throws, one of which was a technical note from the home coach.

At the start of the second half, the Latvians had a pit of less than six minutes and scored 28:21 in their favor after two exact Atičs.

After Meier’s two-point throw, he managed to approach at 28.30, but in the end the home team also took a 12-point lead – 40:28.

In the second half, the game remained slow, with the point difference in favor of the home side fluctuating within the ten-point range, satisfying them completely, reaching 60:42 after Attic’s exact three-pointer less than a minute before the game. end of the third quarter.

Latvia managed to change the game in the last fifteen minutes, speeding up the game. After Laksas and Lomaža’s three-point shots, Latvia got closer to 67:71, but the home side did better at the end of the game.

In the end they managed to lose with six points, but with one well played quarter, the Latvians didn’t have enough to win.

In the second game of the day, Greece defeated Bulgaria 84:78 (17:25, 14:16, 15:11, 25:19, 13: 7).

The winners are 21 points for Jannis Atinaiu and 14 points for Vasilis Kavadas, while the Bulgarians have 15 points for Chavdar Kostov.

Group H is led by Bosnia and Herzegovina and Greece with three successes in four matches, both of which have already secured a place in the final of the European Championship, but Latvia and Bulgaria each have one victory.

The Latvian national team started the qualifying tournament with two losses, but was able to beat Greece 77:66 on Friday. The Bosniaks meanwhile destroyed the Bulgarian team 88:49.

There was one change in the ranks of the Latvian state unit. Ingus Jakovičs was entered for the competition in place of Māris Gulbs.

The Bosnia and Herzegovina team consists of eight players who defeated the Latvian team in Riga (62:61) in February. The most important addition is naturalized American match manager John Roberson, who plays Madrid’s “Estudiantes”.

Before the second match, the head coach of the Latvian national team Roberts Štelmahers revealed in a conversation with the LBS press service that the Bosniaks had broken the Bulgarian unit in the previous fight with an active match. The team has been mainly active against the players from the outside line, which is why the Latvian national team is expected to have basketball just as fast.

The Latvian national team had a light training session in the first half of the day on Saturday, with no one complaining about their health, even though not all basketball players are in optimal sport form. Štelmahers did not deny that another player from Bosnia and Herzegovina would be useful who can handle the ball well.

The two teams had met five times before, of which the Bosniaks were superior. Even before the qualifying tournament, three games took place in the recent past (2012 and 2013). In the first with 87:84 Bosnia and Herzegovina was superior, but in the other two games the Latvians were superior with 80:64 and 86:75.

In the last meeting in February, Bosnia and Herzegovina won 62:61. This was the first game of the qualifying tournament, but in the second the Latvians gave in to Bulgaria with 104: 110. On the other hand, Sunday’s opponents gave in to Greece in their second game with 65:70.

Composition of the Latvian national team for the match with Bosnia and Herzegovina:

Jānis Bērziņš, Rolands Freimanis (both – Zelona Guras “Stelmet Enea”, Poland), Mareks Mejeris (Perm “Parma”, Russia), Artis Ate, Kristers Zoriks, Aigars Skele, Marcis Vitols (all – “VEF Riga”), Klavs Chavar (Minsk “Cmoki”, Belarus), Richard Lomaz (Wilberban USA, France), Martin Laksa (Lublin “Start”, Poland), Martin Meier (“Astana”, Kazakhstan), Ingus Yakovich (Varese “Obenjobmetis”, Italy).

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