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Will Starkov return to victory?

The experienced Latvian football coach Aleksandrs Starkovs makes his debut today at the wheel of the Liepaja team and takes the leader of the overall rating to the Optibet League Championship.

The duel of both teams starts at 6 pm in the Daugava stadium in Liepaja. It is broadcast live on Sportacentrs.com TV.

Starkov was approved this week as Liepaja's main trainer. He replaced Scottish Gordon Yang in his position.

The greatest success of his career has been achieved by Starkov with the Latvian team, who has stepped up his turn to three times, but was once taken to the final of the 2004 European Championship, an unprecedented and unrepeatable performance in domestic sport.

"Liepāja" has not been successful lately – it had three series losses, but in the previous round it managed to stop it by playing 1: 1 with the main opponent "Ventspils". Meanwhile, RFS won seven of the eight league games this season, but the only loss was in the previous round – with 0: 2 against Ventspils.

"Liepajas" and RFS first round fight with 2: 0 was Riga.

First of all today at 16 in the Kauguri High School stadium Jurmala "Spartak" will be hosted "Ventspils". This fight can be seen on the Best4Sport TV Extra channel in the shortcut app.

Jūrmala Club has started the season because it has only won two wins in eight games, bringing it to the bottom of the table. Ventspils, for its part, is currently struggling to reach the top three in the general classification.

In the first round of this unit, Ventspils celebrated the victory with 2: 1.

The game of this round started on Friday, when "Daugavpils" won the football players "Metta" 1: 0, but the champion "Riga" played 1: 1 on the field with "Jelgava". This round was released by the team at Valmiera Glass / Vidzeme University College.

In eight games, 21 points now lead RFS, with 19 points in nine battles followed by "Riga", and the third with 14 points in eight games "Valmiera Glass" / ViA. Daugavpils takes fourth place with 13 points in nine games. The first six with 11 points in nine games are closed by "Jelgava", and the seventh with seven points in eight games is "Liepaja", while the bottom of the six-point tournament table is "Spartak" and "Metta".

As we all know, nine teams are at the top this season, one more than last year, so one unit misses the round. The intention is that in the next season ten units will start in the Supreme.

The season will end on November 9.

From this season Optibet is the general sponsor of the tournament. The new cooperation agreement between the Latvian football league and the Optibet Sports Bar was concluded for the coming two seasons. The tournament also has a new visual identity.

For the previous season, the organizers of the tournament signed a 2 + 1 year partnership with the Best4Sport TV channel, which broadcasts superpower matches. This season the football caps are also back on the channel "Sportacentrs.com TV" and Latvia Television Channel 7 (LTV 7).

In the previous season, for the first time in the club's history, the "Riga" team became the champion and the "Ventspils" unit left behind, while the third was the RFS.

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