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After more than five years of investigation, a criminal case has been brought before the court for the baby's beating. In the eyes of the public prosecutor's office, there are sufficient indications that his father, three months old, has caused serious physical damage, including three skeleton skeletons. In this case, attention is drawn to the work of researchers who have twice ended the criminal proceedings.

At the meeting the mother of the child who is the victim of the court of Riga with tears in her eyes. It has been five years and two months since the day she discovered that her three-month-old baby, who had stayed with her father at home, had a skull torn in three places. The woman says – she went to her eldest son on a fateful night. Father has treated children well in advance, so the baby did not have to worry about the supervision of his father.

"I went home around eleven o'clock, the youngest child was in his cradle, but there was a bruise on his head, even a very sharp one – he could not understand if there was a bruise on his head. [tēvs] from the beginning he said he had no baby at all, "says the child's mother.

Later the father of the child said that he had hit the child with his elbow in his sleep.

The prosecutor points out that lawsuits against cruel treatment of children are not uncommon, but this case is special because of serious injuries and consequences. The injured child received no medical care 24 hours after the injury.

Allegations of the state have been reported to the father as a personal injury, but the accusation of abuse of child abuse has been reported to both parents.

In this case the late reference to the medical institution. The father's father came to court with his mother and refused to comment on what was happening.

The child's mother tells her that her husband had been violently against her, this was also one of the reasons why she was initially afraid to seek help. "I was both psychologically and morally impressed, he was such a man that I was really scared."

However, the public prosecutor points to the moral responsibility of the mother and remains in violent relationships.

The child's violence has not remained unhealthy. Guy & # 39; s disability.

Although the baby was not able to tear the skull itself at the age of three months, the police twice ended the criminal proceedings for lack of evidence. Agnija Zvirgzda is already the third supervisory prosecutor in this case.

"The important thing is that the result is that there is now criminal proceedings, and it is important to understand the length of the investigation here that there were a number of expert assessments, several people were questioned," Zvirgzdina remarks.

However, the district court of the district of Kekava points to many uncertainties in the research process. It was exactly the Orphans court that it was someone's responsibility to take responsibility for infecting a baby.

"The court of the Orphan did not doubt that it was necessary to fight for the restoration of the trial, and the orphan's court had appointed a sworn champion from his budget to draft this appeal," said Gints Krauja, vice-chairman of the Orkans district court in Ķekava.

The court of the orphan has ensured that the investigation of criminal cases in cases of violence against children takes a very long time. Researchers usually refer to long lines in expert studies. In this case, more than five years have elapsed since the offense before the first hearing. The State Inspectorate for the Protection of Children's Rights (VBTAI) indicates that the inspectorate was not aware of this case.

"For five years this is certainly a long time, and it can not be considered a defender of the child's interests. The alleged perpetrators of violence that may have been violent before the case is handled, their potential for damage is very high ", acknowledges the WBTAI Deputy Director of the Ministry of Children's Rights Baiba Skrabane.

The Inspectorate promises to take this matter further.

The next meeting was scheduled for early September. The case will be tried in a closed session.

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