After the divorce remains a man who is searched for ex-husband hunting – Criminal Messages – News

Law enforcement officials met a description that corresponds to couples in the vicinity of the indicated apartment complex. The woman immediately approached the police vehicle and told her ex-husband to ask her to come out.

The woman went to the garden to find out why the man was bothering her. The conversation quickly broke out in the conflict. The former beloved woman did not want to return home. The lawmakers noticed that the woman's arms were bruised and asked how they were being raised. She explained that the man had grasped his arm firmly. It was also discovered that this was not the first time that a man was looking for a chance to meet him in different ways. At one point he even traced the woman.

During the conversation with the persecutor he did not deny the women, but apparently he did not see the problem. The two persons were asked to mention personal details, after which he immediately acknowledged that he would probably be issued. When checking the male data, the information provided by her was confirmed.

The searched man was arrested and placed in the temporary storage house of the vehicle.

At the same time she declared her right to request a divorce, and she turned to the State Police not only to cause injuries, but also to be prosecuted. The woman explained that if necessary she would go to the police, but refused to submit an application on the spot.

The man was taken to the nearest police station for further procedural steps.

The Riga Municipal Police point out that if any violence committed between a former or existing spouse or another related person, regardless of whether the perpetrator lives or has lived in the family with the person in question, it is prohibited to the person, the legislators can decide on the interim protection against violence, including a ban on not only approaching the injured party, but also the whereabouts of the person.

On the other hand, the Criminal Law states that the repeated or prolonged tracking of another person, observation, threats to this person or undesirable communication with this person, as the reason to fear the safety of his or his family members by a temporary custodial sentence or forced labor, or with a fine.

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