Aggressive passengers sabotage public transport

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Law enforcement officers arrested aggressive passengers for damaging public transport, the portal learned from the State Police (VP).

At the beginning of August this year in Riga, the northern district of Riga received an emergency call at a stopover in Vecmilgravis, where two men aggressively attacked public transport and destroyed it.

When they arrived on the scene, law enforcement officers arrested the hooligans and sent them to the police station for an explanation.

The police started an investigation and got cameras for video surveillance. The investigation of the circumstances revealed that three men had driven public transport and interrupted other passengers by drinking and drinking loudly. One of the stops went on board of the controllers, who asked men to get out because of their behavior. The men became even more angry and they became aggressive – without any reason the wipers and the doors of the window wiper for public transport were broken. The public transport manager and controllers have tried to reassure the alleged perpetrators, but the men have started. An eyewitness, trying to see what happened, also tried to help arrest men, resulting in a beating. Law enforcement officers quickly arrived and arrested men.

The arrested men were born in 1997. One of them has already come to the police station.

In connection with the prosecution established under Article 231 (2) of the Criminal Law, in respect of football hooliganism, if committed by a group of persons, or in the case of wounding the victim or the destruction or destruction of the property . Such an offense is punishable by deprivation of liberty for a maximum period of five years or by a temporary custodial sentence, or by forced labor, or by fines and rehabilitation supervision for a maximum of three years or less.

The arrested men are subject to a non-protective security measure.

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