Although Mr Klavin has been deprived of his car, he continues to receive a transport compensation

Askolds Kļaviņš, a deputy to parliament, still does not announce who has warned him of the problems in the KNAB case in which he is accused of fraudulent use of fuel controls. Prime Minister Maris Kucinskis categorically denies his commitment and the alleged suspicion is called a rival political campaign.

In the meantime, the scandal with the checks did not prevent the member of the ZZS fraction Klavin from demanding compensation from state transport. He tells us that he is busy now because the car has been confiscated.

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Yesterday the media spread unofficial news about the strange situation: KNAB complained to the public prosecutor that Prime Minister Maris Kucinskis announced news to a member of the Askolds Klavins party about imminent problems, namely the case of fraud cases with fuel certificates initiated by KNAB. During the day the video was distributed by JKP politician Juta Strīke.

"I have information about a crime committed by Kuczynski, with the help of the head of the leader of the KNAB, Jēkabs Straume, who warns his party member Klavin for starting a criminal procedure, the planned procedural actions, and thus warns the suspect and allows him to destroy the evidence and harm the investigation, "Strīķe.

Prime Minister Kucinskis was deep in the country today and reported through the press secretary that no statement was justified in this respect and should be regarded as an element of the pre-election campaign. He is defended by party members.

"On the contrary, it has to be examined by the KNAB, this is not the first time that it leaks information to former colleagues who use it in an election campaign," says Armands Krauze, chairman of the ZZS board of directors.

Juta Strīķe did not call the phone today. When depositing fuel refunds, Kļaviņš also did not hesitate to pay checks for the KNAB's activities.

Before the fuel scandal came, Kļaviņš gave more than 700 euros a month of fuel. In June, when the case came to light, the volume suddenly dropped to 121 euros, or even a saving of 600 euros. TV3 news was mentioned by politicians.

TV3: Have you followed all this with Kuchinsky and KNAB? Kuchinsky tried to whisper you with those fuel checks. Was there such a thing?
Kļaviņš: First of all, I do not have a TV. I will not go with you! There is no feisbuckle and tweeter. In the second place – everything related to criminal proceedings, I speak to no one.

TV3: taxpayers have the right to know.
I have signed that I will not speak. Not with you, not with someone else.

Mr Kļaviņš complained a little about how he managed to reduce his fuel costs by five times by more than € 700 per month.

TV3: Now EUR 121 in June, how many checks did you submit? How?
I explained something … Now it is.

TV3: Do not go to Liepaja anymore?
I am driving By public transport. I had no machines, to be honest. It was confiscated. With the bus

TV3: Who is gripped? Law enforcement agencies?
I will not say anything about criminal procedures.

Kļaviņš gave a candid interview to the portal "". When asked how he is in the Saeima, he replies: "If nothing needs to be done to be there … To work below the average, to pay above the average, you are a respectable person. one thing – no satisfaction, but I think that many people in Latvia who do their job and who pay well are not satisfied. & # 39;

When asked about the prosecutor, he says: "My point is that when I look at the public prosecutor, I am certainly a criminal." If you look at the practical eyes of a Latvian, I have simply used means with moderation. the prosecutor and green logic are different, that's normal, and if you look at what kind of problems other people are, then my own is just a tiny detail, I'll crush my punishment, I will not die, no one will leave the prison, there will be a new life experience, I will recognize this world better. "

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