Asked to help prepare new school year for children of poor families – in Latvia – News

Participate in the promotion by donating certain things and transferring money to the bank account of the organization.

As Egita Volinska, head of Caritas Latvia, told her, there are about 60 poor families in the Caritas group and the Calcutta nursing home, where children grow up in school age. To go to school, they have to sign books, badges, stationery, drawing supplies, school bags, sportswear, winter and autumn, clothing and footwear.

All these things, with the reference to the & # 39; School Action & # 39 ;, can be delivered to & # 39; Caritas & chests & serving at the St. James Cathedral in St. John & # 39; s Church, St. Mary Magdalene, Church of the Holy Trinity and St. Albert, as well as the Sigulda Catholic Church. Although donated donations can only be delivered to the aforementioned churches, assistance will also be provided elsewhere in Latvia, where Caritas groups serve.

The share can also be financially supported by transferring money to the bank account "Caritas Latvija" with the reference "School action".

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