Beavers have not only moved to the center of Riga

In September, the Beavers begin to eat in the canal again. But this year beavers started to live, not only in the center, but also in Torņakalns.

This perhaps a beaver was immortalized on a construction site at the University of the University of Science Academic Science Center. During the investigation of the flooded area, different traces of the presence of beavers were detected.

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Recently beavers in Torņakalns are no longer considered. However, it can be said that when there is cold and wet weather, the ditch next to it will flood again and become attractive to beavers.

Ekaterina Kotello

Expert at the Academic Center Development Program at the University of Latvia

With locks it is – if they are dirty, fighting with beavers is not logical. Because a bee is destroyed, the place of someone else. The most important thing is to investigate, clean and then see again where the beavers come back and show their activity again.

Meanwhile, the Riga Environmental Board is not aware of the beavers of Torņakalns.

In the capital, officially recognized in the capital, only one beaver family lives in the Riga canal and digs adjacent trees from time to time. They are mum, dad and two beaver babies that were born in 2017.

When it comes to a colder time, beavers become more active. That is why the rehabilitation of the Riga Canal family will be resumed in September. Twice a week they get a meal – wicker and willow branches. In total Beaver eats about 600 kilos of tea per year.

Lana Puntusa

Representative of the Riga environmental protection board

Beaver remains beaver. And he shoots green and trees. However, we believe that grazing is less when it has access to the branches. Bees are also popular with willow blocks.

The most important thing is that the family does not allow other beavers in the canal to enter. What happens to the beavers of Tornakalns, whether they live there and how many dwarfs, was in turn to be found at the Hunting Coordination Commission of the Riga City Council. Experts estimate that the population of beavers living in Riga is much larger than the four in Riga.

Janis Gērmanis

Head of the forestry division of Riga

Taking into account that there are more than 4 000 hectares of forest, forest area on the territory of Riga, there are of course beavers in the Riga forest area. According to experts from Staatsbosbeheer, there can be about 100 pieces. But you have to understand that the addition of beaver is in principle an impossible process.

It is predicted that the issue of beavers in Torņakalns will be updated with the development of more active construction. Both continue the expansion of the University of Latvia, as well as the implementation of the Rail Baltica project, which is looking for a place for the excavation of the railway tunnel.

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