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Became a book about the former "Unity" leader and Saeima chairman Solvita Āboltiņa. The publication of the book has attracted the attention of a large community and also of politicians. According to the authors, however, the answer to all questions was not found.

"For someone who has followed politics very well, I think it will be more interesting to read this, because there are other parties, not just politics, because we see politicians more than politicians, but here they are more than one discovered human, "says one of the authors of the book Juris Lorents.

"She did not even say anything about her, for some questions, that it remains memoires.

Well, for example, she went to politics, so she must be no different than her family to be with her children more often than if she were to become an ambassador in a foreign country, "says one of the authors of the book, Egils. Zirnis.

Ex-politician Aboltina admits: "Of course there are some things that are silent and where no questions should be asked,

because there are things that have also been painful, and there have been painful betrayals. There was no point in telling anyone something bad in this book. & # 39;

The book is based on interviews with Aboltina. She believes this will enable the public to know why she has made concrete decisions and will open the door to politics behind the scenes.


The policy of Aboltina came in 2001 when he joined the New Era party. In 2010 Aboltina became the co-chairman of the board of the political unit "Unity" and in due course became chairman. When he was elected to the Saeima in 2010, Aboltina also became the chairman of the Saeima. But last November, the Board of Unity decided to ban Aboltino from leaving the party for comment and action at a time when the party decided to change the minister of economy. He recorded his mandate at the end of 2017.

Before the end of the 12th Saeima, Aboltina returned to the diplomatic service. In February this year she started working as director of the European department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and she received a diplomatic rank of counsel. At the end of July, Aboltina received letters of credibility from President Raimond Vējonis to work as a Latvian Ambassador in Italy.

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