Believers in Latvia have lifted 118 painted sacks – in Latvia

The Believers in Latvia, the 118th figure pair of socks, were tortured by the Pope Francis and informed the Roman Catholic Church of Latvia.

In mid-June, the charity organization Caritas Latvia, in collaboration with the journal Catholic Bourgeoisie Journal, pleaded for a pattern of a pair of socks, which then received a Franciscan pope during his visit to Latvia. The action is closed and in total there are 118 socks across the road, as well as about ten pairs of gloves.

It is not yet known which socks are donated to the Pope and who will travel to the "Ukrainian Caritas" for the victims of the war.

According to the organizers of the campaign, the majority of the socks were received during the holiday in Aglona in the Heaven of the Blessed Virgin Mary, but a part was also sent by mail or left in the "Caritas" chapel of St. James. cathedral. Some people have sent their craftwork anonymously, others have indicated contacts, so socks are known to be knitted in Andrupene, Balvi, Talsi, Riebiņi, Ludza, Malta, Rauna, Dobele, Rezekne, Aizpute, Puša, Varakļāni, Preiļi, Ikskile, Riga and elsewhere.

It is not yet known which socks are donated to the Pope and who will travel to the "Ukrainian Caritas" for the victims of the war. This will be revealed at the Contemporary Culture Forum "White Night" in Riga, Klostera street 5, in the Holy Family House, where the "When Impossible Becomes Possible" project will take place at 6 PM. During the event, everyone will have the opportunity to see and vote for the most beautiful handmade works to help you choose which socks to give to the pope.


As reported, Pope Francis will arrive in Riga on 24 September, his welcome ceremony will take place in Riga Castle. Then the Pope will meet President Raimonds Vējoni, Latvian senior officials and members of the public. This will be followed by a flower-laying ceremony at the Freedom Monument and an ecumenical meeting in Riga's thought, where the proclamation of the Pope's Francoscope is also planned.

The Pope will also visit the St. Jacob's Cathedral in Riga. Before he goes to Aglona, ​​the Pope will have lunch with the bishops.

In the Basilica of Aglona there will be a feast day dedicated to the Franciscan homilie. The funeral ceremony ends with the Pope's visit.

Members of the access card of St Maise can receive from 9 September.

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