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The broadcast claimed that he had access to his own telephone conversations with neighborhoods, in which he heard his dialogues with different people. From these conversations it follows that it was Gobzem who handed over the questions to politicians and later also learned how a political career for the leader of the "Dog Hut" program could be set up.

In a telephone conversation four years ago, the Neighbor's expression Gobzem expressed his aversion to the "national", which was subsequently considered by the neighboring association of the region's of Latvia. Gobzem, however, advised De Buurman not to win back the party of power: "But there are no other options, the only real option is to be friends with the national and" Unity. "And more" green farmers. "The neighbor asked if he could" contact "Lemberg, to which Gobzem replied:" In the coalition he must go, then it is not logical, you have to be in power. "Buurman continued that in that case "everything was over", but Gobzem opposed him: "There is no setback, I tell you, you will just do everything that has been done … You must learn to work, even with the wise." his neighbor replied Gobzem: "The only devil I have worked with is you."

In another conversation, the day before the elections, Gobzems came up with a revelation that no changes were actually needed in the Neighborhood electorate: "I also felt that people really need change, it's not all. illusion, they do not need anything, drunk and they have lamb, most of them do not need anything. "The neighbor agreed with him:" Indeed, Kotlete and "Alchemist". "

In the course of numerous hours of conversation, Neighbors also struck Gobzem with the political career of Gobzma until he became the neighbor of a neighbor. During the evening before the interview with ex-politician Ainārs Šlesers in the program "The Dog & # 39; s Hut", Gobzems Caimiņš informed by telephone that the party "Unity to Latvia" (VL), of which Slesers had been the leader for several years , the spokesperson Jānis Urbanovičs of Harmony, had previously offered to run Gobzem. Urbanovich also confirmed this fact "de facto" and explained that at one point he had addressed Gobzem to help his landowners – young VL beloved Latvian.

In turn, in the context of suspicions of unlawful financing of the party "KPV LV", on which Corruption Prevention and combating Bureau also initiated criminal proceedings, "De facto" indicated that it is possible that the company "Sledge Hut" "from the neighboring company payments of the defendant mayor of Ventspils would have received Aivars Lembergs (" Latvia and Ventspils! "), Companies controlled by the Swiss lawyer Rudolph Meroni.

Although the Kremlin continues to claim that "absolutely no money was transferred to me", he had himself recorded conversations with Edgar Cinin, currently a member of the Meroni company, who said that at the beginning of the 2014 cooperation, about 10,000 euro was handed over to the neighbor when he was preparing a show with Lemberg.

In one of the conversations, the neighbor asked Cinin not to transfer "ten" as mentioned earlier, but "ten nine hundred" because he still had to pay a tax of 9%. Other conversations showed that the money had actually been transferred, it was reported "De facto".

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