Carnikava invites you to catch cannibals and dreams during the New Year's Eve party

On Saturday the 25th of August, the XVII Feast of lampshades will be celebrated in Carnikava. This year, with the motto "Catching Ages and Dreams in Carnikava", will include entertainment, gastronomic, sporting and musical entertainment for the whole family.

When the "Apriņķ" portal was informed by the municipality, violinist Raimonds Ozols plays on the central stage in the Carnikava Park "Feeling Port", together with the legendary rock band "Zodiac", "DAGAMBA", "Big Al & The Jokers "and the triple show duo" Plumbers "and" Foot Pianos ", brass band" Zelmeri Pro "and the" Mistērijas "association of intuitive music.

Guests of the "Dream Port" Gaujmaras get the opportunity to participate in various creative workshops and master classes, enjoy music, together with percussionist Nils Īli, "Latvian voices", "Tautumeitām", "Unforced folk orchestras" and other musicians , view boat shows and go all day long. An outing with fishermen and Viking ships until the Gauja river enters the sea. The traditional holidays that begin with the arrival of the King of the Lion King on the river Gauja, to accompany her to the opening ceremony of the New Year celebrations and the festival of swordfish in Carnikava Park, will not end there.

Also at this party will be a kitchen culinary masterclass, under the guidance of chef Reinis Czerniejev, be able to enjoy various cane sugar treats, shopping at the craft market. There are traditional sports tournaments, horseback riding and attractions for both large and small.

An hour before midnight we invite you to a fireworks show in Gauja, but at the end of the day, the green ball to the morning with the group CoCo Orchestra and the soloists Ati Šved, Walter Friedenberg and DJ Jan Kozlovski.

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