Carnikava Nēģu svētku celebrated with the pleasure of the canyons, for various concerts and amusements

Last Saturday, August 25, with gastronomic, sporting and musical events, the XVII Light Festival in Carnikava, celebrated this year with the motto "Carnation and Dreams in Carnikava!" Was celebrated.

Throughout the day, the craft market, workshops and performances of various well-known musicians, entertainment and attractions for children and adults took place. There was a cannon race, which in recent years was supplemented with the speeding up of canion sushi. The party has already become the tradition of the cannabis culinary master class "Royal Nails", which this year was led by chef Reinis Czerniejevs. He prepared to spread ginger, honey and lime juice, marinated cousins ​​served with roasted cannabis cheesecake, lightly salted cucumbers, crumbs of cornbread and crispy onion cakes, informs Alice Vorobey, head of the Carnikava Folk House, Ozolaine.

During the day, with Viking and fishing boats, it was possible to go to the mouth of the Gauja in the sea, and after the traditional boat parade on the Gauja river, it was expected that the King of the Lord himself would enter the holy procession.

The lunar season for the Carnikava fishermen started well in August of this year, so there was no shorthand for the lamp stand for the lamprey bakeries until the evening bench was put on the coals in the oven. Gourmet Carnikavas delicacies can be enjoyed in the jelly or in various snacks, both by the stove and by many, and many, as well as many, could taste the Gentroy lamprey soup. To enjoy the steam, which, under the supervision of the main municipality of the festivities, the chairman of the district council Daigas Jurevics, boiled in a 400-liter boiler from the early morning, it was necessary to wait patiently in line, for there was no shortage of needy people, which points to the head of the People's House.

The varied musical program of the festival consisted of the legendary band "Zodiac", with which the famous violinist, carnivore Raimonds Ozols, "Dagamba", "Big Al & The Jokers", "Latvian Voices", "Tautumeitas", "The Unforced Folk" Orchestra "," Trio Trivium, Marik Sharipo and Evilen Protector Quartet, Summer Knight Band, Belt Orchestra Zelmeri Pro, Nils Īle with Sound and Rhythm Workshop and other talented artists.

This year, during the athletics program on the feast day, beach volleyball, strikeball, florbol, inlegzin tournament and the 40+ stage of the Latvian Open Veteran Football Championship were held on the festive day, says A. Vorobeja.

The guests of the "Droomhaven" of the Gaujmaras had the opportunity to participate in various creative workshops and masterclasses and to relax in a beautiful place in the Gauja, while in the "Gevoelenshaven" in the center of Carnikava, since the morning , was in a hurry on both the craft market and the park, where there was a large catering area, attractions and various animations, which took place from 12.00 onwards at concerts and events on the stage stage of the park.

The lunar festival is the most ambitious holiday in the Carnikava region, which is celebrated annually in August and marks the opening of the canyon fishing season. In addition, kOps In February 2015, Carnikava fish are included in the protected geographical indication of the European Union (EU). The indication "Carnikava nepaibias" is only marked in the Carnikava area from 1 August to 1 February, with freshwater and redistributed bullfighting which are fished at the mouth of the Gauja River at the mouth of the Gauja river if they are according to the specification in the Carnikava area are produced. The details and taste characteristics of the Carnikava lamprey are related to the skills of the Carnikava inhabitants in the capture and production of lamp meadows, which have been inherited from generation to generation since the seventeenth century, explains A. Vorobeja.

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