Coalition will support the publication of the Kurdish documents – in Latvia – News

The coalition agreed to support the bill for the publication of the Kurdish documents on the Internet this year, said Arvils Ašeradens, chairman of the Unity Party. Prime Minister Maris Kucinskis (ZZS) confirmed the journalists to the constituent parties of the ruling party.

In the past, the overwhelming majority of MEPs who voted voted for the amendments to the Satvism on open elections for the country's highest official at second reading. Both the issue and the publication of Kurdish documents are expected to be decided in the final reading at the Saeima meeting on 4 October.

Amendments to the open parliamentary elections of the Saeima were presented by representatives of the Latvian Association of Regions & # 39; s and representatives of the "Harmony" party expressed their support for the amendments.

The Satversme currently determines that the president is elected by secret ballot in the Saeima.

As mentioned, the changes regarding the publication of the Kurdish documents are intended to provide for the filing of the archives of the agency, a freelance file for the maintenance of personnel and telephone books of the KGB staff with information about the employees of the KGB .

It is intended to provide that the Documentation Center for the consequences of totalitarianism will hand over documents to the National Archives of Latvia until 3 December for publication on its website until 31 December.

From 1 May 2019 it is planned to also publish other documents from the KGB.

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