CVK suspected of forgery union On the alternative list of candidates / Day

Karijev stated that he had not registered for candidacy. CVK chairman Arnis Cimdars said that in the submitted application the signature of the candidate is different from that on the originally submitted list of the party.

Cimdars pointed out that in this case a possible forgery of electoral documents is possible. CVK turns to the police in this matter, Kristīne Bērziņa, the head of the information division of the election committee, confirmed the LETA agency.

At the same time, CVK has postponed the party for two days today From the heart to Latvia deputy candidate in the Riga constituency, Jevgenija Sadovska, from the list of candidates. Their CVK has information from the Information Center of the Ministry of the Interior (CEE) that it is subject to the limitation of the Saeima Election Law that excludes the appointment of candidates for election to the Saeima and the election of persons who are punished for deliberate crimes, with the exception of those who have been rehabilitated or whose conviction has been extinguished or removed.

Sadovsky explained during the meeting that the information about his criminal conviction was deleted in the United Kingdom, where it should be deleted in a written form to make changes to the Latvian register. The CVK has decided that representatives of the Information Center of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will also be heard on this issue at the next meeting.

The 13th Saeima elections will take place on the first Saturday of October.

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