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"It is therefore important to eat bread – rye bread is a particularly rich source of fiber, meat, sugar and milk are not fed from within, but bread!", Says Professor Danilan convincingly.

The gastroenterologist also emphasizes that the fibers found in bread are also important for blood circulation and strengthen the head, liver, skin, etc. c. blood vessels, so we can think better and look better.

Although there are many who do not feel or feel a crude bread crust, it is worth fighting it.

"Spit on your stomach for sores and the ulcer will heal better!" Professor Danilan says: "It is very valuable to have a crust of rye bread that is well chewed to release saliva – they also strengthen the gastrointestinal tract from the inside, heal stomach ulcers and inflammation."

Rye bread – Latvian heartbeat

The Latvian Bakers Association (LMB) concentrates on rye bread at the turn of the century and asked the population from the beginning of the year, looking for 100 reasons why they should eat bread and especially rye bread. One of the answers has become the slogan of LMB: "Rye bread is the heart of Latvia!"

To celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Latvian Bakers Association, there will be a symposium on 7 September at the Riga Food 2018 exhibition in Ķīpsala & 100; 100 reasons why to eat bread & # 39 ;, in which bread experts and nutritionists myths about bread will drive away, but the best chefs in Latvia will show how bread is included. with every meal

PHOTO: Evija Trifanova / LETA

Dentist Doctors Andis Bremanis, Lolita Neimane and Atis Tupiņš, professor at the University of Latvia (LU) Valdis Seglins, associate professor of the Faculty of Food Technology at the Latvian University of Agriculture (LLU), Daiga Kunkulberga, during the symposium "100 reasons to bread to eat "at the Riga Food 2018 exhibition will be discussed. Principal investigator of the Institute of Microbiology and Biotechnology at the University of Latvia Jānis Liepiņš, director of Riga Dzirnavnieka Anita Skudra and bread baking machine, "Puratos Latvia" technology, Linda Bekmane.

Under the direction of moderator Valda Meldera, experts will discuss the value of the historical, emotional and cultural heritage of the bread, dispel the importance of bread as a healthy product in daily life, and with objective and scientifically justified facts, negative latitudes. Ida Jākobsone, associate professor at the University of Latvia and professor Anatomy Danilans, gastroenterologist, will also participate in the video presentation at the symposium.

As you know, from 5 to 8 September at the International Exhibition Center in Ķīpsala, the most important event in the Baltic states will take place in the Baltic States – the exhibition Riga Food 2018, with an ambitious exhibition of companies and organizations from the industry, master and food competitions, exciting shows, educational workshops and tasting.

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