Deputy Chairman of the Liepaja City Council Kronbergs departs from the office – Latvia – News

It is intended that Andrei Rjabcev, the mayor of Liepaja, Uldis Sesks (Liepaja Party) and the coalition partner Jānis Vilnīte (LRA) tomorrow, Andrejs Rjabcevs, council member of the city council of Liepaja, will inform about public relations.

Kronbergs will remain a member of the municipal council of Liepaja and will continue to hold the Saeima elections of the list of the Association of Latvian Regions (LRA), Līga Zundmane, head of the LRA Liethuis, has approved the agency LETA.

Vilnis in turn told LETA that the decision of a party member to leave the office of the deputy minister should be courageous and masculine.

He argued that Kronberg himself had made such a decision, but it was probable that the principles reminiscent of the members of the "Liepājnieki" association, with which he got into politics, were a shock.

"We became involved in politics, acted for honesty, openness and transparency, we decided to work on the idea that it was a pleasure to live in Liepaja, as far as the entire political technician and former Liepatian had no fun during the last week. , this Kronberg decision is correct and respected, "said Vilnis.

He said that Kronbergs had taken a politically responsible step and in his opinion this is the first time anyone takes responsibility in Liepaja. Vilnis also believes that this is the point of all speculation.

The resignation of Kronberga follows a few days after the political scientist Reinis Tochelovsky announced that "Up to now" no spontaneous edition of Kursk & # 39; s name "" will be published before the municipal elections in 2017, financed and supported by the mayor's coalition partners Jānis Vilnītis (LRA) and Kronbergs.

Vilnis and Kronbergs denied these allegations, but Kronbergs admitted that he had written with Tochelovsky, but the correspondence was now distorted and interpreted. Kronbergs completely denies that he recognizes something of the published, but the part of the correspondence that relates to negotiations on the financing of the "newspaper" from before the elections.

It was suspected in policy spending that this Toshelovski statement from Seska could be used to deviate from the promise of the Saeima elections to hand over the mayor of Liepaja to Vilnītis.

Last Thursday these topics were discussed during the meeting of the party representatives of LRA and Liepaja. According to the SESC agency, LETA said that the issue of possible LRA collaboration with Tochelovsky in the false "Kurzemes Vārda" problem is a serious problem and the issue is about trust. At that time he was not convinced that he could fully trust his coalition partners of the LRA.

"Although this suspicion of shadow is not dispelled, it is difficult to trust and work, and this is not just a question of one person or a party to whom this manipulative approach is directed – it affects all lieutenants, as half or even half of the correspondence is true, the question is how we can trust, in which case ethics and honesty are successfully wiped out under the election blanket, "said the mayor after the meeting.

Sesks said it was not clear from Kronberga's answers what exactly his connection was with the false Kurzeme Word & # 39; and the black campaign against the mayor and the Liepaja party. "We have agreed that the association" Liepājnieki "should be clear to themselves whether they trust Kronbergs after this, whether he has been able to remove the doubts that are sent in his direction and which of them is all true and what is a fiction "Sesks said. . The Liepājnieki Association is led by Vilnitis.

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