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"The internet has radically changed the way we approach and process information, which has also undermined the boundary between work and leisure, so it is essential to always follow a few simple rules to make the communication correct and correct, without create extra emotional stress, often caused by chaotic communication on digital channels, "says Zanda Rubene, professor at the Faculty of Pedagogy, Psychology and Art at the University of Latvia.

Not everyone respects the teacher's working time

Parents also tend to violate the working time frame – every third teacher (33%) often speaks to parents WhatsApp in-app after working hours. Consequently, one fifth of teachers think that they spend too much of their free time on communication with pupils and parents. Interestingly, the majority of students (74%) in digital channels expect the teacher to respond quickly to their questions.

Some of the communication between teachers in digital channels with students (12%) and parents (18%) creates emotional tension. 38% of teachers also believe that the use of digital channels in communication contributes to an extremely informal relationship between pupils and teachers.

"The two basic principles do not help you to negotiate with your unpleasant or unwanted digital communication, first of all you have to use the principles of polite behavior on the Internet and secondly, everyone in the digital age must develop their own" digital hygiene "- a number of acceptable and Relevant rules about how to read or how often they read – emails, how and when to separate work tasks from leisure, perhaps at any time to completely disable digital tools, "says Rubene.

Part of the parent is not used E-Class lack of digital knowledge

Most teachers appreciate the site E-Class as the most effective means of communication that enables communication with both pupils and their parents. However, 38% of teachers also acknowledge that some parents do not follow the information on the site due to a lack of digital knowledge E-Class.

Teachers have the most effective means of communication with their students E-Class, WhatsAppSMS messages, personal calls and Facebook, while communication with parents seems the most appropriate E-Class, WhatsApp, phone calls, text messages or on-the-spot conversations.

"Communication between teachers and students is a topic that has always been worthy of attention, but it is especially relevant now that digital communication has become one of the most important ways of interaction." It is important that children are well communicated from the start, both on the flat of timing as of other stick to generally accepted rules, "says Samsung School for the future program manager in the Baltic states Egle Tamelīte, adding that "this is exactly why this year Samsung School for the future the project Student & # 39; s Digital IQ Let us focus on mutually experienced and supportive relationships, not only on the face, but also in the digital environment. "

on Samsung School for the future

Samsung School for the future is an initiative for digital education that has carried out the project for the second time Student & # 39; s Digital IQpromote the use of meaningful digital technologies. As a result, students aged 14 to 18 and other interested people are invited online to develop a specially designed program for the development of digital skills and the meaningful use of technology. Since 2013 more than 235 teachers and directors have been trained in digital education projects from Samsung with modern technology and have improved the lives of more than 40,000 students every day.

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