Discussion about the new year: differences between teachers' salaries

In the controversial vote of the new school year, a large part of the ministry responsible for Latvian teachers and industry awaits. The views of the crossing are traditionally wages.

In two years more than 60 million euros will be reserved for teacher salaries, which means that they have achieved the highest salary growth so far.

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The Minister of the Environment, Kārlis Šadurskis, said at a conference on Monday during the conference of institutions for general and vocational education, as well as local education specialists. He acknowledged, however, that cooperation between the ministry and the local authorities that set up schools is an essential condition for the result.

"This was a clear agreement – how much the municipalities save, it stays with them and the state budget sets an equivalent amount to the contrary, this was observed", the Minister of Education notes.

"Teacher can not influence the optimization of school networks, which are decisions of local authorities that are not related to the quality of the work", says LIZDA expert Irina Avdeyeva.

The Minister continues to disagree with the Latvian Union for education and science, which even accepts a warning in September. The leadership of the trade unions has previously expressed the opinion that the wage increase so far was only a "slight loss of eyes".

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