Distributor of fraudulent news of spiders must leave a significant amount – in Riga

Fake news followers, who have posted posters that warn of poisonous spiders at the public transport stops at the capital, have compensated the environmental damage to the company JCDecaux Latvia, according to the TVNET portal.

In total, the client had to make a difference of more than two thousand euros

The portal of the state police has revealed that the poster sticker has caused damage to the environmental advertising agency. Therefore, the company has withdrawn the application and the police will therefore not initiate criminal proceedings. JCDecaux Latvia Director Jelena Brokane, TVNET, confirmed that one poster had paid € 50 to the installer. In total, the maker had to make a difference of more than two thousand euros.

As mentioned earlier, on the morning of 30 July, Rigans and city visitors were struck by posters posted at public transport stops that warned of poisonous spiders that appeared to have appeared in Riga's parks. Similarly, incorrect information required to report to the authorities and the rescue service as spiders were noted. This in turn interfered with the work of rescue services, as well as various alarming calls received by the Health Care Inspectorate.

Later it turned out that the realization of the idea of ​​the artist SOME1, for which he assumed responsibility, turned out to be.

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