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There is no age at which the child would be advised to use the mobile phone. An optimal age could be a primary school, but it is important that parents understand that their responsibility does not only end with the purchase of a telephone. With a mobile phone, a child enters a new, virtual world with new opportunities, temptations and risks. That is why it is important to give the child a good understanding of the new responsibilities and to prepare for it.

Discuss often what the purpose of the phone is to use the phone in a responsible and safe way.

The best helper, with the skills of the child in the use of the telephone, is the family-based set of rules for the use of smart devices, which are followed by the parents themselves, give examples and the child to responsible and healthy use of bring the phone. Parents with children can agree on certain conditions: for example, while eating the phone on the sidelines, do not take him in the toilet and bedroom, use the smart devices for up to two hours a day. c) It is also very important for parents to be consistent and follow their own rules.

When help is needed for parents

Introducing a child into the digital environment is not an easy task. This is shown by the fact that about one third or 32% of the parents of the students interviewed admit that they have not adequately discussed the basic principles of the use of children's technologies or are not respected. It is therefore logical that later, as the child grows up, we are increasingly confronted with a variety of problem situations that are based on excessive use of smart devices or lack of basic precaution when communicating with the virtual environment.

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Here a good assistant for parents can be different expert materials to use responsible technology. This year, students in most of Latvia's elementary education and preparatory groups learn to use responsible technologies with "Mobile Wizard" educational material, created by the Amigo initiative for Happy Families in collaboration with school psychologist Sabīna Vilciņa. The material, simple and child-friendly, deals with problems and daily situations that parents should discuss with their children when they use their first mobile phone.

The family is stronger than the phone

Of course, the child will need the mobile phone after a while. With the help of a smartphone, it can wisely become a helpful helper in training and a trusted ally, and start an independent course. That is why it is important to prepare for this moment before the big purchase. Keep in mind that the phone "pulls", and unfortunately many children spend more time on it. High-quality leisure time with your family is the most powerful incentive to refrain from overuse of smart devices. Play a board game, cook something nice, take walks, play sports, play music, build and build and do other interesting things that protect your children and yourself from too much passion for the digital world to keep the phones to their core – communication – – function.

The article was created in collaboration with the Amigo initiative for happy families.

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