DP case on the site of the National Security Commission of Saeima has 8 persons / Article / LSM.LV

In total, eight people were identified by the Security Police (DP) in the criminal case investigated by the Saeima National Security Commission (NDC), which due to inaccuracy was not sufficient for information with official secrets, has identified eight persons, the agency has identified LETA in the OP.

In the criminal procedure for eight people, the DP applied the status – a person against whom criminal proceedings have been initiated. Given that the investigation is still ongoing in this criminal procedure, the OP currently does not comment on the circumstances of the case and when the criminal proceedings can be prosecuted in the public prosecutor's office.

Open about this criminal procedure was announced in February 2017 after a meeting of the National Security Commission of Saeima (NDC), where members of the Attorney General Eric Kalnmeier described this fact.

Criminal proceedings were initiated in connection with the fact that the buildings of the NDK could not be recognized in the new building of the Saeima building, Jekabas iela 6/8, because they could not be accredited because they did not protect official secrets. bidding, Solvita Āboltiņa, then chairman of the committee, explained the LETA agency. For this situation, the NDC has turned to submissions to law enforcement agencies.

At that time it was discovered that criminal proceedings had been started about the inactivity of government officials. At that time it was said that the head of the Saeima chancellery, Maris Steins, was summoned for interrogation. The then Executive Director of the Saeima, Valdis Ziemelis, as well as the employees of the Public Procurement and Legal Support department were also involved in the OP. DP has previously confirmed that Stein has a legal status – a person against whom criminal proceedings have been initiated, but the security measures are not suitable for him. The DP did not respond to the question whether this status is suitable for Ziemelī.

Stein previously told LETA that the responsibility for maintaining the necessary safety requirements for the construction of the NICs lies with the management of the institution, namely the Presidium of Saeima and the then Saeima Internal Security Manager Jānis Gulītis. The head of the parliamentary chancellery added that, without knowing how responsibility for this issue was divided between the presidium and Gulita.

Stein said he could be grateful for the fact that he had faced Gulish's "wrongful recruitment" at the time, since Gulitis had not received any state secrecy at the time. Likewise, Gulish's ability to work with documents was not assessed, said the Saeima official.

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