Drought has caused about 350 million euro loss per day for farmers

In livestock farming, where grassland production has fallen by 54% and has to spend financial resources for food, there is an estimated loss of EUR 100 million. Revenues that were not received in plant production could amount to approximately 160 million euros, including 28 million euros in fruit growing. Another EUR 92 million is estimated as a forest burner.

"This sector is very large and has a very long-term impact, particularly in the future [smagi ir] in the livestock farming sector, because farmers now do everything to prepare their forage. The consequences for animal husbandry manifest themselves during the winter season, for example if the cattle fails, farmers will be forced to slaughter cattle, "said Liene Jansone, director of the CSR Support Department.

The bankruptcy wave of Estonian agriculture is already there, but the Saeima of the farmers hopes that Latvia will not be able to do this, even if there is no compensation. "In any case, our members are called to go to the banks and talk about the postponement of the basic amounts. We hope that there will be no problem with the banks. The concerns are about grain collectors, who often have several foreign companies with which farmers contracts for the supply of goods have been taken out from these companies here, "said Mārtiņš Trons, agricultural expert of the Saeima of the farmer.

More or less drought could have caused about 15,000 farmers. Including cereal growers will be at least 30% lower, with a turnover of at least 45% expected for fruit and vegetable growers. The FM has promised to do its part to receive at least part of the requested fee, but it is already clear that the EC will not receive the full amount claimed. At the moment, many other countries affected by the drought also need compensation.

It has been reported that since the spring of a large part of the country there has been a long-term drought. This year the amount of precipitation reached the norm only in January and April.

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