Due to detention RD can not buy back the land that belongs to Sprud in Sapsthere for the time being

The prosecutor's office arrested the former insolvency administrator Marim Sprud and his family-run company AS "Projekts B10", which temporarily denied Riga's purchase of several parcels needed for the restoration of the Skanst site.

On Monday, the City Committee of the City Council of Riga supported the acquisition of four land parcels required for the implementation of the project "Revitalization of the territory of Scanstes for the 1st phase". Three of these plots are partly owned by Sprud and its family business – Project B10. During the meeting it was explained that the public prosecutor who oversees the criminal proceedings in Sprūd received an acceptance for the transaction and, from a legal point of view, there should be no problems with the transaction.

However, as confirmed by the representative of the property department of the Riga City Council, Baiba Gailīte, on 22 August the Ministry received a decision of the Public Prosecutor of the Office for Organized Crime and other specialized prosecutors concerning the arrest of the real estate project "Project B10".

According to information from Firmas.lv, Project B10 is partly owned by Sprūdas, while the other shareholders are family members – a brother, a father, and a sister. The company was founded in 2007 and is involved in real estate leasing. In 2016, the company did not carry out its activities, but the profit amounted to 1.38 million euros. In 2017 the company also did not do business, but the loss amounted to 20,519 euros. From August 2010 to June 2014, the company had an active liquidation process, but the business owners decided to stop the process and continue working.

For the implementation of the project "Revitalization of the Skanstes area for the 1st round" the municipality has to buy four lots with a total value of 977.635 euro. The owners of the three lots are the shareholders of Project B10 and their value of the property is fixed at EUR 443 905.

"Based on the announcement by the public prosecutor that a deal with public limited companies will take place, permission from the public prosecutor is required.Therefore, we intend to go to the public prosecutor's office to obtain approval for the transaction with the properties of the "Project B10", said Gailīte.Accordingly, the property allowance must be paid to the auditor of the sworn bailiff and transferred to the prosecutor of the criminal proceedings.

As Jana Grīnhofs, the spokesperson for the urban development department of the Riga city council, explained that if the land in the municipality's assets fails, the implementation of the project would be undermined. "In this case the project will have to be revised – perhaps it is possible to close a phase, if not, then we can not implement it without land, because at the moment the objects are put into use, they must the country of the municipality, otherwise we will not receive money from European funds, "explained Greenhope. The project will be implemented and put into operation by the end of 2022.

The intention is to build the streets of Lapeņu, J. Dikmanis, J. Dālina and J. Krūmiņa in these areas, as well as installing rainwater drainage systems and landscaped areas. The project should be completed by the end of 2022 and it is intended that construction can start as early as 2019.

It is the intention that the total repurchase of land to the municipality will cost nearly one million or 977,635 euros. Bukultu street is intended to buy two plots. Both belong to "Project B10". One is 782 square meters and costs 70,340 euros. The second building taken back on Bukultu street is owned by "Project B10" and partly by Sprūdam. The property area is 5660 square meters and will be exchanged for 366,550 euros. The value of the Sprud part has been set at 73,310 EUR.

A plot of 49 square meters on 40th Lapeņu Street, which has to be exchanged for 7015 euro, is also owned by "Project B10", but a piece of land of 6,373 square meters in Laktas Street, valued at 533,730 euro, is owned by two individuals.

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