Employees of the VGD have come to save four mosquitoes that have been lost in the forest / Diena

Around 14, two mushrooms were lost in the forest in Durbe County, but they managed to make their way to the road before the lifeguards arrived.

On the other hand, half an hour later, aid workers received a request for help from two mushrooms in the Ādaži district. For them, the SGB employees with a fire alarm car helped out the forest.

The VUGD asks the villagers to inform their relatives about the place and time they go to the forest before they go to the forest. It is also advisable to take the cell phone completely in the forest, as well as in bright colors, to make it easier for the rescuers to find the missing person in case of loss.

It is advisable not to take a personal identification document or at least one sheet with a name, a residential address and a telephone number of the person to and from each other.

In the same way, the SUGG invites you to go to the forest, to think about the necessary medicines, first aid supplies, food and water.

All recommendations of the service before you go to the forest can be found in the section of the VUGS internet site Security tips.

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