Everyone has the sum of their teachers

The novel "Teachers" by André Akmentini has recently appeared. Although the narrative is based on the memories of the author's parents from the 1950s and 1960s in Vidzeme, the queue formed after books in our libraries. The mandatory literature of this summer – the half-life, but the novel is appreciated by the readers.

You are the only one who is not a teacher in your native language. Does it have a good relationship with Sarméte (one of the heroes of the book) after she graduated from a pedagogics school, so she does not have to work at school?

– From my life in the environment of teachers, my different qualities have come to me. Sometimes it seems that I can work in this profession. I have not gone far from it – for six seven years at the University of Liepaja I have given the masters of poetry presentations. For two years I was in the Ventspils Creation House for a new writer's club. I do not want to go any further, precisely because I am not a teacher. It became difficult to write a book. Maybe it would cope if there were other children every year and I just repeat the old program. It would be a bad feeling if you could not tell something new to both those I teach and myself. The problem with teachers at work is that there are different levels depending on their inspiration. When a teacher is cheerful and full of inspiration, he can overthrow the mountains. But in a parade, fingers can not get far (an old Chinese saying). When it comes to gray routine, I remain as sad and gray as other teachers. Then I better do something else. I can only be a good guest teacher. I have enough power for the public for two hours, then I want to think. Teachers do not have the opportunity. What is it about a semester lesson? It is amazing that there are teachers who can survive the sombre life of everyday life. My sister changed the school to where it grows and is more interesting. For a third year she lives in a climb.

Do I try to change my job so as not to become routine?

– People do it. In the West it is assumed that every eight years to change the workplace. It was not a bad little rural school, where the sister left. Pretty rosy too, but something has stopped. As in a marriage where they try this and that, they do not come together so nice and they do not know each other anymore. I have no experience in this area. Immediately there is the seventh wedding day, but with the twins it is impossible to get a rutine. With them – seven times together.

One of the topics in the book is how each teacher enters the classroom.

– Today's consumer thinking has grown, children today appreciate the teacher as a product, fun me, surprise! I would like to see people participate and invest emotionally in the learning process. Investing in investing is not possible. It is very important to start from that thinking.

Schools are closed, young graduates graduate every year, but many have vacancies.

– Probably the lack of specific subject teachers – chemistry, physics. Work is complicated, the effort is difficult to collect. Good experts in regional schools have to fight like in hospitals. In advance, new doctors promises an apartment and other benefits. It is worth looking at what we have done well in previous times and interesting, but no longer available. Can a classmate now visit each child at home and see how he lives? Will she ever lick him there? In the 1950s and even later it was even the norm. It is difficult for me to understand how old times that everyone was poor could survive.

When reading & # 39; teachers & # 39; it occurred to us from time to time that we are now living really well. But rather, despite post-war poverty and the unfortunate Khrushchev's time, people did not complain about how they are doing now.

– It was such a hidden goal. I feel that I swam in the sentiment that came from these people and tried to clarify this sentiment of different times. The book describes a gloomy, complicated and bad time, but it was the youth of these people. The greatest pleasure is that war is gone, life is gradually improving. Then there is the great success of launching the spacecraft. There were no deportees to whom they were called, they were delighted with the Soviet power, who promised that communism would come. Eyes started to open with food rows. The first excitement was great. I was also surprised at how small parents told their children about past experiences. So much was hindered at that moment. When writing, I suspected that a large part could stumble to each side to happen. We still have channels that generate the same sentiment and there are several political messages about it. At every crossroad there is something, the community is rooted and becomes rather neurotic. It is said that, for example, the Latvians must absolutely resist Christianity, because it has imposed on us. First, the hit hit more, less for the other. I struggle to distance myself from disputes in which it is not possible to achieve anything because the dispute is controversial. Just as there are different denominations, there are different languages. Shall we fight, what is better?

Every society has authority. At one time teachers were at least something like that in their village.

– As a celebrity as a mathematician, the author of study books, Janis Mencis, was an authority since the first free time, it remained until the end of his life. During the Soviet years he could not even kill the fact that he had participated in the legion. The transition from an independent independent state to the Soviet community was an important prestigious change. The fact that Papin (one of the heroes of the novel – aut.) remained in office, it was a big surprise because the teachers of the time of Latvia tried to replace, saw in different ways. Also the trend later went on that these old ones continued učuki so on They do not understand anything. I would love it if the new teacher's madness could be combined with old experiences. The people I remember from my student days were optimistic, simple, with a clear and free smile, some of them were able to handle a salary. Maybe I'm lucky. Maybe it was because of her mother, because she was a teacher and something pissers. After the book came out, some people have said that they are not so fortunate enough to be such happy teachers. To what extent does everyone have the sum of his teachers. We develop from what we have learned. My father taught me how to fish, my mother was a fantastic storyteller. He combined those talents.

Has the prestige of the profession been lost?

– In the past, the teacher was in possession of what the other party wanted to acquire, namely knowledge. It was cultivated: if you do not have training, you will not be, you will disappear. Automatically those with a lower education were forced to subordination. This is not emphasized today, people with two higher education programs can end up in deep despair because they can not do anything. The goose today is more effective than a teacher. As soon as it was clear that there is one truth, the teacher comes and the child discovers it. Now, at its best, look together. What is a teacher when everyone can discover for themselves? A guide to the crossroads? The ministerial guidelines are depressed by a man who no longer sees any meaning? Students feel it. But prestige seems to come back. My frontman was thrown Sunday on Sunday. The attending physician initially refused, but when she heard that she was a teacher, she accepted that. Understand that otherwise the teacher can not come into puberty. The book will allow me to stir up anecdotes of all the life I listened to while teachers meet. There is an episode in which parents took money for a teacher's birthday present. The maid gives her a vase and says, "Well, finally, your teacher, will be something of the crystal!" Understand what their parents had thought, children are their reflection. My generation grew when the salary of the parents was 100-200 rubles, a house, a garden for profit. Growth as we wanted, because the parents did not have time. We cried The current generation is hyperactive, it can not even be left for five minutes, because it determines the guidelines. However, it feels like parents and teachers are starting to work together. Both in Soviet and early capitalism in the nineties nobesītajiem parents had a requirement: I give you a baby, bring it forward. If that is the case, the school is guilty of ruining it. Now people are starting to work together to solve problems.

Also those that, for example, have brought technological progress for the time?

– I can not say that computer games are not good. It is bad to be enslaved. We, adults too, have been through a lot, excited. Every process has its own losses. How many people pay every year in Latvia for a chance to swim in warm weather? For the fact that we drive by car and in time, we have more than a hundred deaths. We pay all the time for the benefits we receive through development.

What are readers from & # 39; Docent & # 39;

– It is a generation that remembers it as his childhood. The generation of my parents, other people reading books. At the end of the book, Velta tries to reach her granddaughter. Watch your wedding day again as a film and think about how to tell it. My novel has no classic story – if it happens, and it's all happy, it's all over. That is why there are rows in the library, because the book is slowly readable, so that you can think through a sentence or paragraph. The success of the future depends on whether this type of script is maintained. In terms of scenic, colorful, exciting events, the book can not compete with the film. People no longer read books to find out. You can get information earlier.

Will the book help the younger generation to understand their history, which seems strange and strange to them?

– Many sources will be very ideologically colored. Someone who drives, looks at pink glasses, others will understand that everything was bad at that time. Looking for a bridge from generation to generation in the hope that it is important for young people. Actually, there was nothing great, and it has both beauty and tragedy. Both sisters have become a rich teacher, but go their own way. One is the right classic, the other – from the point that it makes her all vibrate. The result is the same. There are signs of any age that end up in a relay for the next. People forced themselves to believe that the Soviet era was a good thing, and then frustrated their lives because there was no way to fight. I have not even talked about it.


/ Poet, writer and song (right name Greenberg).

/ Born in 1969 in Valmiera.

/ Graduate journalist, worked in the newspaper, publishing and advertising agency in Riga.

/ Some years ago he lost his professional career in the capital and went to Ventspils. Is still considered a Chilean.

/ A passionate fisherman, guitarist and Latvian traveler, environmental watchdog.

/ Has received the literary bonus of Klava Elsberga and other prizes.

/ There is the author of several texts, poetry books and storytellers.

/ The book "Teachers" published in the series "We, Latvia, XX Century" is the debut novel of the author.

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