Firefighters have saved a quiet day / day

During the day, from 21 August, 6.30 am to 22 August, 6.30 pm, the SGBL received 31 calls – 13 fires were removed, 17 rescue operations were carried out, but one call proved to be misleading.

On Tuesday, firefighters burned combustible waste, dry grass, leaf and branch piles, forest floors, grain stumps, household goods, cars, unattended buildings, intermediate floors with living quarters and commercial kiosks.

On the other hand, someone in the Ciblas area drowned out of the water body and was transferred to the state police.

Help to the animals who needed help, the rescuers in Kalēju Street, Riga, took a bird that arrived in the public building, which was later released in freedom. A bird was released in Liepaja, Talsu street, a bird in a ventilation shaft, in Daugavpils, Vidzeme Street, the dog was dumped in a chain, but in Jelgava, Loka's main line, a cat was lifted from the ventilation shaft of the residential building.

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