Five architects have shown interest in the reconstruction of the Amber Concert Hall / Diena

According to Leite, some architects have shown interest in investigating the work of the concert hall during the events. Since the applications can be submitted before 28 September, candidates and candidates have already submitted a competition – the municipality can not announce this without affecting the course of the competition.

The municipality remembers that the second opportunity for architects to meet representatives of Jurmala City Council and Dzintari Concert Hall to see the site and discuss the purpose of the contest during the day, will be on August 23 at 10:00 to be.

It has already been reported that the city council of Jurmala announced in March a competition for the reconstruction of the concert hall Dzintari and the summer gardens during the architecture. As a result of the competition, the intention is to receive a unified construction plan for the reconstruction, expansion and improvement of the surroundings of the Great Hall of the Concert Hall.

The task of the participants is to offer solutions for increasing the volume of large grass, the vision for the entrance and entrance of the concert hall, the administration of the concert hall administration, as well as a complex analysis and adaptation of the area. . and for the musicians. During the redevelopment of the concert hall, solutions must also be found to extend the use of the concert hall before and after the summer season.

The closing date for the submission of tenders is until 28 September. The total prize pool is 50,000 euros

The municipality of Jurmala City has invested more than 12 million euros in the restoration of the closed concert hall and it is the most ambitious municipal project in the history of the city. The restored Little Hall has been open to visitors since May 2015 and since then the public has received the full attention of the public in the winter. The hall built by the architects Victor M. Mellenberg and Alexander Birzenieks is the oldest concert hall in Latvia and the only concert hall in Latvia that is part of the cultural canon.

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