Freemasonry invites "to take care of the grains from the rooms", so that after the elections there will be no more painful disappointment – Politics

The voice and opinion of politically oppressed Latvia is more important than ever, and this is very necessary in preparation for the parliamentary elections, where the 20th meeting of the politically oppressed Latvia is being discussed, said the chairman of the Saeima Ināra Mūrniece.

The mummler thanked the politically oppressed people for acting in favor of Latvia, the agency LETA informed the Saeima Press Service. "You have been the driving force behind big ideas and you have not allowed yourself to relax or stop the dark corner problems that are important to our nation and also to the entire society of mental health," a politician.

According to her, due to the persistence and participation of politically oppressed people, the reconstruction of the Occupation Museum will take place, and they have largely helped the parliament to evolve into a light of transparency with so-called check bags.

"We know that we go for each election as a battle for the sun, and always say to ourselves and to others – these elections are very decisive," Mounriece said.

She called on the politically oppressed people of Latvia to talk with their peers – to "examine the grains from the house" again, false reports of the truth, to separate the value of the moment. So that there would be no painful disappointment after the elections, but to "have a strong confidence in the future of Latvia".

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